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A new, larger radiator and fan keeps things cooler under the hood, increasing the overall engine efficiency and decreasing fuel consumption. Cooler hydraulics put less of a strain on the system, improving its reliability for the long-term.

Thanks to MacDon’s patented Dual Direction®, you can switch to road travel mode in seconds and travel at speeds of up to 23 mph (37 km/h). In most cases, there's no need to detach the header, saving you time and labour when moving from field to field. Wide D Series Draper Headers can be easily transported with MacDon Windrowers using our Slow Speed Transport system. The Slow Speed Transport also allows you to tow your D Series Draper using a pickup-truck. Either way, you'll be spending less time in transport and more time cutting

The M Series frame features a wide wheel stance and an unobstructed, unmatched 45.7" (1160 mm) below-frame clearance, ideal for cutting thick, bushy crops.

MacDon’s Ultra Glide® cab has a four-corner independent gas shock suspension system, featuring stabilization to prevent cab roll for the smoothest ride you’ve ever had in a windrower. The cab's forward design and curved glass provides unmatched visibility of the cutterbar and field conditions. The ergonomic cab design is ideal for operator comfort and control, reducing operator fatigue to keep you cutting all day long.

The Hydraulic Center Link and Warning Beacons come standard on all M155E4 Windrowers. The Hydraulic Center Link allows for on-the-go adjustments of the header angle, allowing you to instantly adapt to changing field conditions for optimal performance.

M Series Windrowers come with a fully computerized monitoring and header control system, providing real time  readouts of the header’s cutting performance and other critical information. You'll enjoy simple, intuitive finger tip control of all header functions, including MacDon’s popular “Return-To-Cut” feature, which returns the header to its previous cut settings after it has been lifted.

All regular engine and hydraulic maintenance points are within easy reach thanks to MacDon’s patented movable rail platform. The cooling system easily slides and swings out for fast cleaning, and your tools are kept nearby in the large easy access toolbox


Model M155E4
Engine Cummins 4.5 L, (275 cu. In.), 4 cylinder, turbo
Horsepower Rated 155 HP (116kW) @ 2200RPM
Weight* 9810 lb (4450kg)
Batteries/Alternator 2, 12-volt/130 AMP
Fuel Tank 97 U.S. gal. (367 L)
Front Tread Width 3410 mm (134.25")
Rear Tread Width Adjustable from 96.4 in. (2448 mm) to 135.7 in. (3448 mm)
Wheel Base 4020 mm (158.3") field position
Crop Clearance 1160 mm (45.7")
Drive Wheels 18.4 x 26 bar or turf, 23.1 x 26 turf or 600/65 R28 radial bar
Tail Wheels 7.5 - 16 SL or 10 x 16 formed casters, 10 x 16 or 16.5L - 16.1 forked casters
Transmission Hydrostatic, 3-speed electric shift motors
Field Speed 0-16 MPH (26 km/h)
Road Speed 0-23 MPH (37 km/h)
Final Drive Planetary gearbox
Cab Equipment Dual Direction® operator station, Ultra Glide™ cab suspension
Operator Station Deluxe multi-adjustable air ride seat, fold away trainer seat, windshield wipers, air conditioner/heater, tilt steering, egress lighting on cab
Instrumentation And Monitor System Harvest Manager Pro: ground speed, engine speed, header height, header angle, header float, knife SPM or disc RPM, reel speed, conveyer speed, hydraulic oil temperature, reel and conveyor index
Options Windshield shades (front and rear), weight box for towing header (required), lighting and marking kit for cab forward travel (required), reverser valve and plumbing, double windrow attachment, pressure sensor kit (for enhanced monitoring of header), booster springs. Hydraulic header tilt. Compatible with most GPS systems. Not all options are available for all models.