MacDon Farm R1 Series Rotary Disc Header

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The HayMaker

Our patented CrossFlex™ suspension and low-profile, forward-mounted cutting discs help deliver a smooth, clean cut at in-field speeds of up to 14 mph (22.5 km/h). The two-stage controls allow for faster and more precise positioning of the header lift, and customizable One-Touch-Return buttons can be programmed to control the header’s height, tilt, and cutting speed.

Clean Cut & 3 Year Warranty

Our low-profile, forward-mounted cutting discs provide a flat header angle, resulting in a cleaner, smoother cut. Our cutterbar design is backed by MacDon’s 3 Year Cutterbar warranty. That’s our way of ensuring worry-free harvesting performance.


The R1 features an amazing in-cab view of the crop flow coming out of the back of the header. Being able to see the crop lets operators monitor the quality of the windrow that’s being laid down on-the-go. The header forward position also allows easy access to the adjustable windrow forming shields.

Overload Protection

Each of the disc spindles on the R1 Series cutterbar feature a shear pin. These pins are designed to shear if the disc comes in contact with any object large enough to stop its movement. The disc then moves up and out of the path of the adjacent discs, reducing the risk of serious damage to the cutterbar. The shear pin can be replaced in-field, letting operators get back to cutting quickly.

Serious Conditioning

Featuring the industry’s widest conditioning roll at 129” (328 cm), and 3 interchangeable
conditioning options. You can choose: Steel Inter-Meshing, Polyurethane Inter-Meshing,
or No Conditioner option. The R1 lays down well-conditioned wide to narrow windrows to suit
a variety of conditioning needs. The wide rolls increase the amount of crop contact, improving crimping performance and ensuring thorough conditioning of the plant stem.

Steel Inter-Meshing Rolls

This crimp style is especially effective for stiff or solid plant stem material. It produces well-conditioned windrows over a wide range of widths and is ideal for high-volume crops, which require aggressive feeding through the header. In smooth- stemmed crops, the steel inter-meshing roll action promotes even plant dry down by creating uniform crimps on the plant stem without bruising the delicate leaves. Steel rolls are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance.

Polyurethane Inter-Meshing Rolls

Polyurethane delivers a combination crimp and crush action while being more gentle on plant leaves. The crushing action of the 129” wide (328 cm) polyurethane rolls produce a windrow that promotes quick, even dry down of crops like alfalfa and alfalfa grass mixes. Polyurethane is also very effective on fine-stemmed plants with solid stems, like native hay, timothy, and Bermuda grass.


Size 13 ft. (4m)
Weight 4650 lb (2109 kg)
Number of Cutting Discs/Blades 2-Aug
Drive (Maximum Hydraulic Power) 127 HP (94 kW)
Cutting Speed/Knife Tip Speed 1,800 to 2600 rpm / 131 mph (210.8 km/h) to 189 mph (304 km/h)
Cutting Angle Range 0-8˚ below horizontal
Gear Train Protection Shearable key in each spindle
Hay Conditioner Option: Type/ Length Inter-meshing steel / 129" (328 cm), polyurethane rolls / 129" (328 cm), no conditioner
Options Tall crop divider