MacDon Farm 10.6 M (35')

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MacDon's ClearCut™ High-Speed Cutting System delivers clean cutting at up to 30% faster speeds*. D2 Series Drapers deliver a smooth close shave with the help of our ClearCut™ PlugFree™ short guards. This guard design gets the knife as close to the ground as possible while protecting the blade from damaging debris in the field. In addition, ClearCut™ PlugFree Short Knife Guards resist plugging even in the nastiest conditions while providing the cleanest and closest shave of the ground.

MacDon ClearCut™ knife sections feature over 25% more cutting surface thanks to a longer blade and improved geometry. So what does that mean for you? It means faster, cleaner cut quality at higher ground speeds.

Stay Sharp!

Another great advantage of this new cutting system is the redesigned hardware. Fitted bolts make in-field knife section replacement quick and easy.

MacDon's direct knife drive satisfies your need for speed, providing more torque to power through the most challenging cutting conditions. In addition, the ETDK (Electronically Timed Double Knife) helps reduce header vibration, improving components' reliability and overall durability.

MacDon D2 Series Drapers feature an ultra-deep deck featuring 50-inch (127 cm) deep drapers. These extra deep drapers boost performance in big, bushy, high-volume crops by up to 20%.

The unique movement of the D2 reel picks up and gently places crop onto the drapers. Our cam design allows the reel fingers to get down underneath lodged crop and pick it up before cutting. Aluminum reel ends and sectors help reduce overall weight and improve efficiency. The D2 header and reel are highly adjustable for optimal performance. Header tilt control adjusts the draper angle, knife angle, and fore-aft reel positioning, setting you up for the most challenging real-world harvesting conditions.

A performance option worth considering for anyone harvesting big bushy, high-volume crops is the Upper Cross Auger. The auger keeps bushy crops on the draper as they move to the center of the header, where twin pitch flighting actively and aggressively drives the crop down into a windrow. This option runs the entire header length and is available on all sizes of the D2.

MacDon's Quick Latch End Divider System lets you hook and connect your divider in one move. When using VertiBlade™ Vertical Knives, the standard divider rods store neatly onboard.

MacDon's EasyMove™ Transport System makes it faster than ever to move your D2 Series Windrower Draper Header from field to field. This Performance Option is self-contained on the header and allows transport up to 32 km/h (20 mph)**.

*Some products and/or options may not be available in all markets. See your MacDon Dealer for availability

**Always follow local traffic laws and regulations

The D2 boasts a new frame featuring a super-structured five-sided back tube. This solid backbone is ready to handle the increased capacity of the deeper draper deck and ensures MacDon's rock-solid reliability.


Size* 10.6 M (35')
Weight** Double Knife Drive 2843 kg (6266 lb)
Knife: Type / Drive / Speed Double knife / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath knife drive boxes 1200 - 1800 spm, varies depending on header size
Guard Type Available Standard: ClearCut™ PlugFree™ Short Guards - Forged and Double Heat Treated (DHT) with Forged, Dual Bolt Adjustment Hold-Down
Reel: Type / Drive / Speed / Fingers Pick-up Reel, six or nine bats, one-piece (single) or two-piece (double), flip-over design, cam-leading finger control / Hydraulic / 0 to 85 rpm (auto-adjusted from cab) / 290 mm (11.4") length, wear-resistant HD plastic, 102 mm (4") spacing
Conveyor: Type / Drive / Speed / Delivery Opening 1270 mm [50"] draper / Hydraulic / 0 - 250 m/min [822 ft/min] / Delivery opening 15' -1395 - 1525 mm [54.9" - 60.0"]; 20', 25', 30', 35', 41' - 1775 - 1905 mm [69.9" - 75"]
Field-Installed Options EasyMove™ Transport System, Upper Cross Auger, VertiBlade™ Vertical Knife, Stabilizer wheels, Stubble Lights

* Product Size Availability Varies By Market ** All Listed Weights Are Approximations And Will Vary Depending On Header Configuration.