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MacDon’s patented Swath Compressor creates a smooth, even slope that gently compresses and forms loose bushy swaths into perfect windrows every time. Compressor adjustment happens from the cab and is displayed on-screen. This control can also be programed into the Windrower’s One-Touch-Return functions. Best of all, when you switch the Dual Direction to road mode, the MacDon Swath Compressor lifts up under the frame for quick unobstructed transport.


The new two-stage header lift allow for faster and more precise positioning of the header. In addition users can easily program up to three One-Touch-Return buttons for fast in-field control of the header’s height, tilt, reel, and draper operation. Customizing and tracking your harvest happens on the easy-to-read and navigate interface of the all-new Harvest Performance 17.8 cm (7”) display.


Designed for convenience and ease-of-use, all hydraulic connections happen on the left side of the machine through two multi couplers. Our Hydraulic Hose Management System mounts and stores hoses on the header and the 90° swing of the mechanical arm allows quick hooking and unhooking with minimal effort. There are 3 dedicated hydraulic circuits running; one each for knives, reel, and draper. This independent control provides more power to the header for getting through the toughest harvesting situations.


Thanks to MacDon’s patented Dual Direction® steering, you can switch from field to road mode in seconds and travel at speeds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph). Single side hydraulic hookup and multi-couplers simplify connecting and disconnecting headers, saving time and labor when moving from field to field. D1XL Series Draper Headers can be easily transported at 32 km/h (20 mph) with MacDon Windrowers using the Slow Speed Transport system. Altogether you’ll be spending less time in transport and more time cutting.


D1XL Drapers feature an ultra-deep deck with 127 cm (50”) drapers, in header sizes from 9.1 m (30’) to 13.7m (45’) wide. These huge drapers are designed to perform with ease in big, bushy, high-volume crops, with up to 30% increased capacity over the D1X Draper.


Featuring the industry’s best crop clearance with 115 cm (45”) of height and 386 cm (152”) of width, big, bushy swaths flow effortlessly under the M1. Header lift height is improved too, with 7.6 cm (3”) more height than our previous model.


The D1XL is available in header sizes from 30 to 45 feet. For operations not needing the added volume of the D1XL, a regular size deck is available with the D1X model. The D1X is available in header sizes from 15 to 25 feet and delivers the same great MacDon performance in a size that will satisfy your harvesting needs.


Size D125X 7.6 m (25')
Weight** 1847 kg (4072 lbs)
Knife: Type / Drive /Speed Double knife / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath Wobble Boxes / 1,500 to 1,900 spm (speed varies depending on header size, faster knife speed on smaller headers or double knife headers)
Guard Types Available Standard: Pointed DHT (double heat-treated) with 4 stub SM (sheet metal hold-down, forged bottom guard) at each end Optional: (Dealer Installed): pointed CH (case-hardened), stub SM (sheet metal hold-down, forged bottom guard), stub F (forged top and bottom)
Reel: Type / Drive / Speed / Fingers 5 or 6 bat pickup reel, flip-over design, cam-leading finger control, single reel 7.6 m - 10.6 m (25' - 35'), double reel 10.6 m - 13.7 m (35' - 45') / Hydraulic / 0 to 85 rpm / HD plastic fingers, 152 mm (6") spacing, 279 mm (11") length
Conveyor: Type D1X: 4.6 m - 7.6 m (15' - 25'): 1057 mm (41.6") wide 680.4 g (24 oz) rubber skim-coated drapers, reversible double V-guide with tracking, integral seal on leading edge D1XL: 9.1 m - 13.7 m (30' - 45'): 1260 mm (49.6") wide 680.4 g (24 oz) rubber skim-coated drapers, reversible double V-guide with tracking, integral seal on leading edge
Conveyor: Drive / Speed / Delivery Hydraulic / 0 to 742 ft/min / Hydraulic deck shift 7.6m -10.6 m (25' - 35') Center Delivery 12.2 m - 13.7 m (40' - 45') opening width 1,539 mm (60.6") to 1,948 mm (76.7")
Options Upper cross auger, stabilizer wheels, slow-speed transport with stabilizer wheels and other specialty option kits