MacDon Farm TR25

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Precision Transport
The swan neck chassis design provides on-road precision, allowing the trailer to follow the towing vehicle’s tracks closely. This design lets you handle tight roadways and crossings with confidence.

Road Ready Homologation
MacDon Trailers can be used with M1 Series Windrowers, Combines, Tractors, or Trucks. MacDon TR Series Trailers have EU homologation for 40km/h (24mph) and comply with European road standards.

**Always follow local traffic laws and regulations. Only use towing vehicles rated to tow MacDon Trailers.

Easy On. Easy Off.
Loading and unloading your MacDon headers just got a whole lot easier with MacDon-specific header supports/hookups.

Hit The Brakes
The inertia-activated brake activates the front and rear drum brakes via cable tension. Inertial braking allows for smooth handling of the trailer by the towing vehicle.

Trailers are equipped with a hand-activated park brake, wheel chocks, and on-frame wheel chock storage.


Model TR25
Weight 1710 kg (3770 lbs)
Dimensions Length: 12 m (39'4"); Width: 2.16 m (7'1")
Wheels/Brakes P264-75 R15 radial tires; fender kit (option); inertial braking system; drum rakes; with reversing mechanism
Parking Manual park brake; wheel chocks and wheel chock storage
Header Hookup MacDon specific supports; adjustable alignment gauge; adjustable support arm with turnbuckles; support arms adjustable laterally; rear tie-down locations; liftassisted tow bar
Legal Homologated for European Union; 40 km/h (24 mph) road speed*
Storage On-board storage box (option); On-board vertical knife storage rack (option)

*Always Follow Local Traffic Laws And Regulations. Only Use Towing Vehicles Rated To Tow MacDon Trailers. **All Listed Weights Are Approximations And Will Vary Depending On Options Installed.