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9’ Wide Road Friendly Transport (Optional)
Road Friendly TransportTM option is available on both models. This dealer installed option transforms the R1 to a road friendly 9’ (2.75m) wide transport. Switch from field to transport in 30 seconds, for quick, safe travel to, from, and between fields. Moving from a 10 to 16 foot mower can increase productivity by 60%, making this option ideal for operations where width restrictions are the limiting factor.

Clean Cut & 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty
Our low profile forward mounted cutting discs provide a flat header angle resulting in a cleaner, smoother cut than ever before. And this new design is backed by MacDon’s 3 Year Cutterbar Warranty. That’s our way of ensuring worry-free harvesting performance.

Serious Conditioning
Featuring the industry’s widest conditioning roll at 129” (328cm), and 4 interchangeable conditioning options. Choose from Steel Inter-Meshing, Polyurethane Inter-Meshing, Finger Conditioner, or No Conditioner option. The R1 lays down well-formed, well-conditioned WIDE to NARROW windrows to suit a variety of conditioning needs.

Low Horse Power Requirements (PTO Completion Package)
Requires only 100hp for 13’ and 125hp for 16’ model. 1000 PTO 1.375” (35mm) / 21 spline or 1.75” (45mm) / 20 spline. Less horse power means less fuel consumption.

Polyurethane Iinter-Meshing Conditioning Roller Option
Conditioner Action

  • Delivers a combination crimp/crush action while being more gentle to plant leaves



  • A combination of the wide rolls (129”) which promotes a thin material mat and the roll profile (crush type) is ideally suited to such crops as alfalfa, alfalfa/grass mix
  • Also effective for finer stemmed plants which usually have more solid stems like native hay, timothy and bermuda grass


Steel Inter-Meshing Conditioning Roller Option
Conditioner Action

  • A crimp style is especially effective for stiff or solid plant stem material
  • Produces well-formed windrows over a wide range of widths



  • For high volume crops where aggressive feeding through header is an advantage, such as milo, sudan grass, and oats
  • In smooth stemmed crops like timothy, the steel bars provide positive crop flow from cutterbar to the windrow
  • For alfalfa producers, the steel inter-meshing roll action assists plant dry down by creating uniform crimps on the plant stem, without bruising the delicate leaves
  • Able to provide consistent conditioning through uneven crop volumes
  • In areas where crops and or conditions are considered to be abrasive
  • Extremely durable requires minimal maintenance


Finger Conditioning Roller Option
Conditioner Action

  • Wipes stem wax from plant stems



  • Crops and conditions where removal of stem waxes combined with fluffier windrows are able to achieve desired dry down times such as Coastal Grass and other mixed forages
  • Requires the least amount of horsepower of the conditioner types


Size 4.9 M (16')
Number Of Cutting Discs / Blades 10 / 2
Horse Power Requirements 125 hp
Weight (Steel Conditioner): 6040 lbs (2740 kg)
Weight (Steel Conditioner With Road Friendly Transport*): 7540 lbs (3421 kg)
Length (Without Road Friendly Transport): 338" (858 cm)
Length (With Optional Road Friendly Transport*): 386" (985 cm)
Transport Width (Without Road Friendly Transport): 198" (502 cm)
Transport Width (With Optional Road Friendly Transport*): 106" (269 cm)
Tractor Hydraulic Capacity(Psi) 2000 psi
Tractor Hydraulic Remotes: Requires 2 remotes, 3 with Hydraulic Header Angle Adjustment option.
Gear Train Protection (Cutterbar) Shear Pin in each Spindle
Hay Conditioner Options: Type/Length Inter-meshing steel and Polyurethane rolls and Finger type / 129" (328 cm) / No Conditioner
Hitch Type: Drawbar or Cat. II 2-Point Hitch (Quick Hitch Adaptable).
Header Angle Adjustment Manual standard, hydraulic optional.
Mower Configuration Center Pivot
Field Tires 31-13.5 R15 8ply
Transport Tires (Optional) 235-80 R16
Options Tall crop divider, and Hydraulic header angle adjustment