MacDon Farm FC3016

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FluidMotion™ Hydraulic Flex Control
MacDon's FluidMotion™ Hydraulic Flex provides smooth ground following flex, ensuring you get the most from your corn harvest. FluidMotion™ responds instantly to ground fluctuation, allowing the header to float over uneven terrain and maintain a consistent cut height through the self-adjusting skid shoes.

Operators can adjust the FluidMotion™ system to support over 98% of the header's weight on the go from inside the cab.

Flex Range 
The FlexCorn wings have over 15 degrees of range, so a 16-row header with 30-inch (76.2 cm) spacing provides 61 inches (155 cm) of total flex range on each end.

Fewer Passes with Flex 
The two pivoting wings on MacDon's FlexCorn Header independently track steep terraces and uneven ground conditions for a more thorough and even cut of the trickiest patches of your field. Adjustable wing kick raises wings at the end of the pass to maximize turning maneuverability.

MacDon Automatic Header Height Control (AHHC)
MacDon's AHHC provides automatic height and tilt control to maximize your efficiency in the cornfield. Standard on all FlexCorn and optional on Rigid and Folding Corn Headers. MacDon's AHHC helps increase yield, reduce downtime, and decrease operator fatigue. Paired with MacDon's FluidMotion™ Hydraulic Flex Control, the FlexCorn optimizes header positioning through lift and lateral tilt.



With a strong focus on agronomy, MacDon Corn Headers are designed for performance at every step. From their row guidance system to the unique snout design to the OctiRoll™ one-pass residue management system, MacDon Corn Headers help you get more from your corn harvest. 

One-Pass Residue Management
Seedbed preparation starts at harvest time. With a strong focus on agronomy, MacDon C and FC Series headers provide industry-leading residue management. MacDon's OctiRoll™ system creates well-conditioned, evenly chopped, and evenly distributed residue in a single pass - even in the toughest corn varieties. MacDon’s thorough and consistent processing results in faster decomposition to maximize the potential for next year's crop.

Cutting and Crimping
Improving on the traditional snapping roll model, MacDon Corn Headers feature MacDon's innovative OctiRoll™. The unique design of the OctiRoll™ incorporates four point-to-point knives and four serrated edges that alternate to cut and crimp the stalk every 3 inches. The OctiRoll™ cut/crimp action speeds up the microbial breakdown process, helping it decompose quicker than a typical corn header.

The four extra serrated blades on each OctiRoll™ help to pull stalks aggressively through while consistently chopping residue into 5 to 7.5 cm (2 to 3-inch) pieces at harvesting speeds up to 12 km/h (7.5 mph).

Optimal Stalk To Chopper Positioning
Mounted closer to the front and nearer to the underside of the rolls, MacDon’s chopper provides a consistently short residue size. The OctiRoll™ can run closer to the ground to harvest downed corn better and deliver the shortest stubble height possible.

You'll enjoy the direct positive drive from the specially designed high-capacity aluminum gearbox and slip clutch that powers each row unit. Chopper speeds range from 1880 to 3230 RPM, and the chopper gearboxes can be easily disconnected row by row as needed.

Unique Snout Design
Engineered for efficiency and strength, MacDon's reinforced ribbed snout design reduces drag, ensuring a smooth material flow. This distinctive teardrop shape efficiently lifts downed crops, minimizes ear bounce, and skillfully navigates curved rows.

MacDon Row Guidance System 
Improving feeding, efficiency, and productivity while reducing operator fatigue, the MacDon Row Guidance System is a great performance option for your MacDon rigid, folding, and flexing corn headers. These two factory-installed and configured metal sensor rods keep you on track all harvest long.

Strong, Light, and Fuel Efficient
A lightweight yet robust frame and row-unit structure contribute to reducing the overall weight of the header. This reduced frame weight, combined with the high-performance OctiRoll™, aluminum gearboxes, and precision choppers, all work together to reduce your overall fuel consumption.



Smart, Seamless Integration, thanks to ISOBUS integrated controls, easy maintenance, and MacDon’s rock-solid durability. Here are a few more ways MacDon FlexCorn Headers help you get more from every corn harvest.

*Combines without an ISOBUS connection require an additional display. FlexCorn compatible combines include: John Deere, Case IH, and New Holland, with more being added. See your MacDon Dealer for compatibility.

Smart, Seamless Integration.
ISOBUS integrated controls mean there is no need for an additional display*. The user-focused controls provide simple and intuitive header operation; integrated setup, calibration, and diagnostics get you set up and going quickly and easily.

*Combines without an ISOBUS connection require an additional display. FlexCorn compatible combines include: John Deere, Case IH, and New Holland, with more being added. See your MacDon Dealer for compatibility.

Easy Maintenance
Each front-supported OctiRoll™ uses two sealed double-row ball bearings. The grease in the cavity forms a barrier to prevent dirt & debris from contacting the bearing seal. The greasing intervals should happen weekly to ensure the smooth operation of your MacDon Corn Header.

Built Tough For Increased Harvesting Up-Time
Each high-performance OctiRoll™ features four hardened carbide knives paired with four serrated flutes individually bolted to the roll shaft for easy replacement. The gathering chain drive sprockets feature a unique tooth profile that protects the gathering chain should the chain meet an obstruction; this also helps to protect the row-unit driveline. Additionally, each row unit and auger is protected by its own radial pin slip clutch.

Colored Snouts & Dividers
Grey snouts and dividers are standard equipment with a color-coded decal to match your combine brand. However, red, green, and yellow are available to match your combine's color.

End Dividers

  • Standard End Divider
  • Tall End Divider
  • Rotary End Divider


Row Spacing 76.2 cm (30 in.)
Rows 16
Chopper No
Folding No
Operating Width 12.2 m (40 ft.)
Weight 5917 kg (13045 lbs)