Landoll Farm 5211-12x10

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Features for the Finest in Seeding Innovation

  • State of the Art Laser Cut and Robotically Welded Main Frame and Hitches
  • Rigid Frames on 10′, 12 1/2′, 15′ and 20′ Models
  • Front Folding Frames on 30′, 40′ and 50′ Models
  • All Tires are in Front of Frame
  • Row Units Raise Independently from Frame
  • UHMW Pivots on Lift System
  • Cat. III or Cat. IV Single Lip Hitches (Model Dependent)
  • Pneumatic Down Pressure (Adjustable from 120 to 400 lbs.)
  • Maintenance Free Pivots on Openers
  • 15.8” x 3.5 mm Opener Blades
  • Blades Configured “Heads Up” for Decreased Wear on Openers
  • Poly Soil Hold Down Strips Clean Openers and Control Opener Blow-Out
  • Planter Style Seed Drop Tubes
  • Swivel Type Press Wheels with 2” x 13” Smooth or 3” x 13” Double Rib Tires
  • 3.25 bu./ft. Grain Only Seed Box Capacity
  • Grain with Dry Fertilizer: 2 bu./ft. Grain Capacity with 105 lbs./ft. Fertilizer Capacity
  • Small Grass Seed Option: .33 bu./ft. Capacity and Equipped with Brillion Micro-Meters
  • New Fluted Seed Meters
  • Inline Box Design with 12 Degree Down and 15 Degree Flex
  • Weight Package for Wings
  • 320/70R x 15 Radial Tires for Rigid Models
  • 380/55R x 16.5 Radial Tires on Center Frame of 30′ & 40′ Folding Models
  • 480/45R x 17 Radial Tires on Center Frame of 50′ Folding Models
  • 280/70R x 15 Radial Tires on Wings of 30′, 40′ & 50′ Folding Models
  • Slip-In Spindles in All Locations on All Models
  • Monitor with Acre Meter, Seed Tube Flow Sensors, Bin Level Sensors
  • On-Board 12 Volt Air Compressor
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • LED Safety Warning Lights


Model 5211-12x10
Approximate Weight 9,825 lbs. (4,457 kg)
Working Width 12 ft. 6 in. (3.8 m)
Transport Width 12 ft. 6 in. (3.8 m)
Opener Spacing 10 in. (254 mm)
Number of Openers 15
Frame 7 in. x 7 in. x 0.375 in. (178 x 178 x 9.5 mm)
Frame Construction Laser Cut/Matchcut Components, Robotically Welded
Frame Type Weighted Main Frame
Three-Point Hitch Cat. III
Weighted Pull-Type Hitch Cat. III Single-Lip
Transport Tire Size (4) 11L x 15, 12 Ply
Wheel Hubs 6-Bolt
Spindles 2 in. (50.8 mm) Slip-In Spindles
Drive Chain Enclosed #50 Chain
Transport Wheel Mount In Front of Openers
Row Unit Type Pneumatically Adjustable Down Pressure
Row Unit Adjustment Range 120 to 400 lbs. (54 to 181 kg)
Disc Opener Type Double Disc Openers
Disc Opener Style Heads Up Alignment
Disc Type Smooth
Disc Size 15.8 in. x 0.1383 in. (400 x 3.5 mm)
Disc Bearing #205 Bearing
Opener Pivots Maintenance Free Pivot Points
Seed Tubes Poly, Planter Type Seed Tubes
Opener Tenders Flat Spring Backed Poly Soil Hold Strips
Press Wheels Swivel Type
Press Wheel Sizes 2 in. x 13 in. (50.8 x 330 mm) Smooth or 3 in. x 13 in. (76.2 x 330 mm) Double Rib
Hopper Construction All Welded 14 ga. Steel
Hopper Lids All Steel Formed Lids with Latches
Meter Type Externally Fluted
Grain Hopper Capacity 3.25 Bushel per Foot
Integral Folding Ladder Standard
Integral Fold-Up Walk Boards Standard
On-Board 12V Air Compressor Standard
Monitor with Acre Meter, Seed Tube Sensors, Bin Level Sensors Standard
Safety Warning Lights and SMV Emblem Standard
Safety Chain Kit (Pull-Type Models) Standard
Powder Coat Paint, Blue Sapphire Standard
Seed Meter Plug Optional
Hydraulic Row Markers Optional
Double Lip Hitch Clevis (Pull-Type Models) Optional
Rear Hitch Package Optional
Coulter Hitch Optional
Horsepower Requirements 7 to 10 HP (5 to 7 kW) per Foot