5000 Series Grain drill


The Landoll 5000 Series Grain Drill brings a new level of seeding excellence to the industry.  Rigid models from 10′ to 20′ and 30′, 40′ and 50′ front folding units fit nearly any size operation.  The ability of all of these units to seed into conventionally tilled soil all the way to no-till ground sets the Landoll 5000 Series apart from the competition.  The pneumatic down pressure feature on the openers allows user-friendly adjustment to fit whatever conditions are encountered.  That is seeding innovation at its finest.


If you look closely at the Landoll 5000 Series Drill, there is a clear difference between it and the competition.  Laser-cut and robotically welded components add up to better reliability.  Heavier gauge steel in the seed boxes and covers means better longevity.  The pneumatic down pressure system completely eliminates spring breakage and inconsistent depth control.  Maintenance-free pivots in all critical locations mean long life and less downtime.


Available in 10′, 12 1/2′, 15′, 20′, 30′, 40′ and 50′ seeding widths, these machines are high capacity from the hitch pin to the press wheels.  The front folding hitch on the larger models is very user-friendly.  From transport to field and from field to transport takes just minutes, all done from the tractor.  Seed boxes can be set up as grain only, grain with a small grass attachment or grain with a dry fertilizer attachment.  There is also a native grass box option on 12 1/2′ and 15′ models.


All of the 5000 Series Drills are equipped with a Loup Monitor System that includes an acre meter, population sensors, and bin level sensors to keep the operator in touch with all of the vital operations of the drill.  These monitors/sensors are factory installed.  The entire line of 5000 Series Drills come standard with a hitch-mounted air compressor to allow for making down pressure adjustments in the field.