Landoll Farm 9630FH-34

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  • Laser Cut, Robotically Welded Frame
  • 135” Frame Depth
  • 30” Minimum Between Shank Ranks
  • Self-Leveling Hitch
  • Cast Single Lip Hitch Cat. III or Cat. IV  (Model Dependent)
  • Outrigger Gauge Wheels on 28’ - 50’ Models
  • Shanks with 190 lbs. Point Load (Spring Clamp or Two Piece S-Tine)
  • 26 ½” Under Frame Clearance
  • 6” Shank Spacing
  • 8” Sweeps, 47 degree
  • Shanks Centered on Tires
  • Walking Tandems in All Locations
  • 11L x 15-12 Ply, 12.5L x 15-12 Ply, 12.5L x 15 Load Range F (Model Dependent)
  • Single Point Depth Control
  • Blue Powder Coat Paint
  • Safety Warning Lights


Product Attributes 9630FH-34
Hitch Style Floating Hitch
Approximate Weight - Spring Shanks 17,440 lbs. (7,911 kg)
Approximate Weight - S-Tine Shanks 16,405 lbs. (7,441 kg)
Working Width 34 ft. 6 in. (10.5 m)
Transport Width 17 ft. 4 in. (5.3 m)
Transport Height 14 ft. 10 in. (4.5 m)
Number of Shanks 69
Number of Shanks per Section 21--27--21
Shank Type Spring Clamp Shanks or 2-Piece S-Tine Shanks
Shank Size 0.625 in. x 1.75 in. (15.9 x 44.5 mm) On Edge
Point Load 190 lbs. (86 kg)
Spring Shank Tower Laser Cut/Matchcut Components
Spring Shank Pivots Nitrotec Coated Inter-Locking Clamp Bushing
Spring Size 0.46875 in. (11.9 mm) Wire Diameter
Shank Spacing 6 in. (152 mm), Split the Middle Pattern
Spacing Between Shank Rows 30 in. (762 mm) Minimum
Shank Position Rear Shanks Centered on Tires
Sweeps 8 in. (203 mm) with 47 Degree Mount
Under Frame Clearance 26.5 in. (673 mm)
Fore-to-Aft Depth 135 in. (3.4 m)
Frame 3 in. x 4 in. x 0.25 in. (76.2 x 102 x 6.4 mm)
Frame Construction Laser Cut/Matchcut Components, Robotically Welded
Frame Type Truss Type with Wrapped Shank Tube Joints
Transport Lift Axles 4.5 in. (114 mm) Axle with Tower Lift System
Walking Tandems Standard with Maintenance Free Pivot Bushings
Tire Size - Main Frame (4) 320/70Rx15 Radial Tires
Wheel Hubs - Main Frame 8-Bolt
Spindles - Main Frame 2.25 in. (57.2 mm) Slip-In Spindles
Tire Size - Wing Frame (4) 280/70Rx15 Radial Tires
Wheel Hubs - Wing Frame 6-Bolt
Spindles - Wing Frame 2.25 in. (57.2 mm) Slip-In Spindles
Hitch Type Floating Hitch
Hitch Category Cat. IV Ball Hitch
Machine Depth Control Single Point, Front Mounted
Hydraulics 10 in. (254 mm) Stroke Cylinders
Gauge Wheels (4) 280/70Rx15 Standard
Safety Warning Lights & SMV Emblem Standard
Safety Chain Kit Standard
Powder Coat Paint, Blue Sapphire Standard
Rear Hitch with Hydraulic Hoses Optional
Cat. V Ball Hitch N/A
9 in. Sweeps Optional
8 in. Ultra Wing Sweeps Optional
9 in. Ultra Wing Sweeps Optional
Spare Tire and Wheel Optional
Flexible Five Row Spike Harrow Optional
Four Row Coil Tine Harrow Optional
Three Row Spike and Reel Optional
Three Row Tine and Reel Optional
Horsepower Requirements 7 to 9 HP (5 to 7 kW) Per Foot

Specifications subject to change with or without notice.


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