7500 VT Plus Adjustable

America’s Favorite Vertical Tillage Machine Made Versatile

How can America’s favorite vertical tillage machine be made even better? That was a tough challenge for the design engineering department and sales staff, but listening to feedback from 7400 VT Plus customers was critical. Customers were asking for a VT unit that could adapt to changing field environments and could be used in a variety of residue conditions. The result is the all-new 7500 Series VT Plus with Adjustable Gangs.

Big News for the Tillage Industry

The adjustable gang feature allows the operator to change the angle of the disc gangs anywhere between 5 and 15 degrees on the go from the comfort of the tractor cab. Are field conditions changing and your vertical tillage operations need to be less aggressive or more aggressive? Not a problem for the 7500 VT Plus. Just change the gang angle on the fly to adapt to changing conditions. Does more or less residue need to be buried to properly prepare your seedbed? Not a problem for the 7500 VT Plus. One machine can handle varying types of residue and create the field finish you desire from your vertical tillage unit.

Still Has All the Features for Perfectly Sizing and Mixing Residue and Soil

The 7500 Series VT Plus with Adjustable Gangs still has the same proven features as its predecessor. The 24” smooth blades stay sharper longer and handle rocks and stones better than the ripple or fluted blades offered by competitive brands. In wet, sticky conditions, the smooth surface sheds residue better and is easily kept clean by heavy-duty scrapers.

The 7500 VT Plus is carried by walking tandem wheels and high flotation tires for outstanding ground following capabilities. The wider tires leave a minimal impression in the soil, allowing the unit to be run at shallower depths. The folding models fold to a narrow transport width and the weight of the machine is equally distributed on the transport tires.

User-Friendly and Built to Last

Every disc gang is equipped with C-flex hangers that provide cushion protection against rocks and other obstructions. The scraper bar is mounted to the C-flex hangers allowing scrapers and disc blades to move simultaneously with each other. The self-aligning feature of each trunnion bearing allows bearing realignment as the hangers flex and move. Bearings are triple-lip sealed and cannot be over-greased and are covered by Landoll’s three-year limited warranty policy.

The rock shaft is protected by UHMW polymer which eliminates wear and maintenance requirements. Hinge joints are equipped with hardened pins that rotate on maintenance-free polymer bushings for improved machine performance and extended life of the hinge.

Adjustments are user-friendly; hydraulically controlled fore to aft leveling can be adjusted on the go. Wing frame leveling is also simple and all adjustment wrenches are stored on the frame. And the innovative ease of adjusting the gang angle on the go from the tractor makes the 7500 VT Plus a user-friendly, simple but versatile vertical tillage unit built tough to perform for years to come. That’s the Landoll way!