2400 Series Weatherproofer (WP1)

Practical Tillage Economics
The Landoll 2400 Series Weatherproofer 1 (WP1) is at the top of its class when it comes to design, performance and soil management. The combination of parabolic auto-reset shanks and tandem disc gangs provides accelerated residue decomposition, improved soil tilth, and conditions the soil for maximum water intake. The result is maximizing yields and improving profits.

Simplicity in Primary Tillage
High yielding crops produce high levels of residue; primary tillage tools have to be able to manage this residue effectively. The simplicity of the Weatherproofer 1 and the ease of adjustment allows this series to perform up to its expectations every time. Single point depth control sets the depth of the entire machine. Consistent depth is maintained, even in wet conditions, with walking tandem axles and large flotation tires.

Sizes to Fit
Landoll has designed the 2400 Series in sizes to fit a wide variety of operations. Available in 6 shank rigid models, 7 & 9 shank folding models, and 11 & 13 shank 3-section folding models, the basic configurations are the same. Tandem offset disc gangs located upfront cut, size and blend the residue with auto-reset parabolic shanks following to facilitate soil management and compaction control. 24” shank spacing on all models provides ultimate fracturing of soil profiles to allow water and oxygen to enter into the growth environment. Optional rear leveling devices are available to customize the final field finish.

The Landoll Way
Landoll’s solid reputation of building quality tillage equipment is built into every 2400 Series Weatherproofer 1. Precision, laser cut frame components embrace the technology of robotic welding to its fullest. Durability is built-in, not added on. Incorporation of UHMW polymer in the lift axles provides a maintenance-free feature that eliminates daily greasing. Trunnion mount bearings that are cushioned by c-flex mounts are used throughout the disc assemblies and are covered by a 3-year warranty. Heavy-duty coil spring auto-reset shanks allow 3,600 lbs. of point load with a 14” trip height. The self-leveling hitch and the single point depth control add to the list of items that extend the reliability of the Weatherproofer 1 beyond the competition.