Farm King 6650NT

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Stone-flex hangers are standard equipment on Farm King tandem discs. They allow gangs to flex slightly side-to-side and up/ down to provide protection to the gang assemblies when impact is encountered while at the same time maintaining working depth.

Farm King model 395/ 4490/ 4590 tandem discs feature one piece, 4" wide blade scrapers made of carbon steel for long wear life. Models 6650/6650NT/8700 models use wide-pan style blade scrapers which are designed for larger sized blades: 26" and up. These scrapers contact lower down on the disc blades and scrape more surface area of the blade to provide more effective cleaning and prevent sticky material from building up on the blades. Scraper blades (tips) are laser cut from wear-resistant boron alloy steel and are replaceable.

Standard hydraulic lockout valves prevent accidental operation of either the lift or wing cylinders when the disc is being transported.

Staggered, overlapping front gangs are standard (except for Model 395) and ensure that all soil at the center of the disc is cut out cleanly and evenly eliminating the need for a center shank or bulk buster.

Farm King tandem discs are built with maintenance concerns in mind. All spindle axles are designed for easy removal and maximum strength. Each spindle is bolted into a sleeve and can be removed by simply removing the bolt and pulling out the axle. This will save valuable time if repairs to a tire are needed.

Farm King discs feature fabricated steel half and full spools. Unlike ductile cast spools, steel spools can withstand far greater "shock loads" from rocks or stumps thereby eliminating spool breakage. Compressed to maximum density prior to assembly, Farm King’s fabricated spools ensure the gang will not shift and become loose.

Depth stop segments are supplied with each disc to ensure continuous same-depth tilling. Each of the wing frames can be easily leveled using a conveniently located eye-bolt adjustment. Cylinder arms on each of the rockshafts are equipped with replaceable hardened wear bushings for prolonged trouble free performance.

In order to get the most uniform and consistent field finish, Farm King tandem discs have furrow filler blades as standard equipment. Furrow filler blades along with full sized blades on the gang assemblies create a uniform, well worked field.

Standard equipment on the main frame, each walking beam pivots on greaseable bushings to improve weight distribution and stability when being transported.

All Farm King discs feature a large 1-15/16" diameter, high carbon steel gang shaft. This gang shaft along with Farm King’s steel fabricated spools allows the gang assembly to be torqued at the factory to 3200 ft-lb.

This exclusive Farm King feature ensures that each bearing sleeve interlocks with adjoining half spools to provide positive drive to blades and reduces possibility of blades turning on the gang shaft. Optional with 26" blades, standard with 28" and larger (available on 10.5" and 12" spacing only).


Model 6650NT 6650NT
Blade Spacing 9" (230 mm) 10.5" (267 mm)
Width, working* 15' 11", 18' 10", 21' 10", 23' 3" (4.9 - 7.1 m) 16' 4", 18' 10", 21' 6", 23' 3" (5.0 - 7.1 m)
Width, transport 9' 6" (2.9 m) 9' 6" (2.9 m)
Height, transport 12' 1" to 15' 8" (3.7 to 4.7 m) 12' 1" to 15' 8" (3.7 to 4.7 m)
Weight 650 lb/ft class (967 kg/m) 550 lb/ft class (820 kg/m)
Horsepower required 6.0 - 8.0 hp/ft (15 - 20 kW/m)† 6.0 - 8.0 hp/ft (15 - 20 kW/m)†
Frame Welded, 4" x 4" (102 x 102 mm) and
6" x 4" (152 x 102 mm) tubular steel frame
Welded, 4” x 4” (102 x 102 mm) and
6” x 4” (152 x 102 mm) tubular steel frame
Bearings 410 WSS series c/w triple lip seal, opt. T2-215 series 410 WSS series c/w triple lip seal, opt. T2-215 series
Gang angle 23° / 20° / 17° front
20° / 17° / 14° rear
23° / 20° / 17° front
20° / 17° / 14° rear
Gang shaft 1-15/16" (49 mm) high carbon steel factory torqued to 3200 ft-lb (4339 Nm) 1-15/16" (49 mm) high carbon steel factory torqued to 3200 ft-lb (4339 Nm)
Blade sizes,
24” x 5/16” (610 x 8 mm) (P) 26" x 5/16" (660 x 8 mm)
Tires, main frame
Tires, wing frame
(2) FS24-380/55R16.5 (16' and 19' units)
(2) FS24-440/55R18 (21' and 23' units)
(2) - FS24 380/55R16.5 radials - 16' and 19' sizes
(2) - FS24 440/55R18 radial - 21' and 23' sizes
Depth control Single Cylinder System C/W Depth Stop Segments Single Cylinder System C/W Depth Stop Segments
Hitch Auto-leveling, full floating hitch Auto-leveling, full floating hitch