Farm King 820

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The slip clutch mechanism allows the cutter to get past obstacle and continue cutting when an obstacle is hit. This feature also prevents damage to the gears inside the gearbox and other internal parts. Other rotary cutters use a sheer pin which simply sheers and stops the machine where it is without damaging the gears or drive line. However, a new sheer pin has to then be put in to continue operation. A slip clutch allows for field mistakes without damaging the machine and without having to stop and replace parts.

The very robust 120 and 90 HP gearbox for this cutter will hold up to extreme use. In addition the cutter has a 5 year (limited) warranty giving reassurance that this machine will be working hard for years.

On top of it looking a lot better aesthetically - having a smooth deck means that water or material can easily blow off of the machine. Bracing on top of competitor machines means that there is a catch-all for materials and when left over time will contribute to the rusting of the deck itself.

Replaceable skid shoes, chain guards, stump jumper come standard. The Twin Spindle Rotary Cutter has easily replaceable skids making this unit much more easily maintained compared to traditional welded on skids. This unit also has full chain guards which are superior in strength and safety compared to the standard rubber banding that many competitors use. The stump jumper around the blade area comes as standard and helps prevent the blades getting damaged when hitting obstacles giving the unit a longer life span.


Model 820 3-Point Pull Type
Width 102.5" 102.5"
Length 95.75" 128.25"
Transport Deck Height 9" 10"
Hitch Cat II 3-Point Hitch Swivel Clevis
Tractor Requirements 40 HP 40 HP
Blade 0.5 x 4, Reversible 0.5 x 4, Reversible
Weight 1550 lb 1640 lb