Farm King Farm Series II Model 728

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  • The power take-off (PTO) shaft on the Series II 60" includes a shear pin to protect the gearbox in the event of an unforeseen obstacle.
  • 3-point hitch models include a single solid rubber or laminated trailing wheel.
  • The access panel on the deck makes it easy to replace the blades.
  • The 72" and 84" rotary cutters are equipped with a slip clutch to prevent gearbox damage.
  • An optional chain kit minimizes the possibility of flying debris.


A 24" stump-jumper is mounted above the blades to the gearbox. Standard on Series II, the stump-jumper allows the blade assembly to glide over uneven terrain.


Series II
Model 728
Cutting width 84"
Cutting height 2" - 12"
Blade tip speed 14,369 ft/min
Spring steel blades 1/2" x 3" heat treated
Deck material 10 gauge
Gearbox Closed (540 RPM)
Gearbox rating 65 hp
Tractor engine requirements 30 hp min
PTO shaft Slip clutch
3-point hitch Category II
Tire - 3-point 20" solid rubber
Tire / wheels - trailing 15" rim
Stump-jumper 24" diameter
Parking jack Optional
Chain kit Optional
Weight - 3-point 1175 lb
Weight - trailing 1476 lb