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Getting close to fences, hedges or covering a tire track is easy with the sideshift feature. The entire unit can be pushed to one side while the PTO shaft remains in line with the tractor. The 45 & 72" 65 Series tiller is capable of side shift allowing models to be moved 6" either left or right. The 6582 has a standard offset of 10" (non-adjustable).

  • The rotator tilling shaft is equipped with four to eight flanges, depending on the model.
  • Flanges on all series are available with four tines, and six tines per flange are standard on the 65 Series.
  • Housed in a sealed oil bath, the chain tightener assembly is resistant to heat, dust, debris and moisture, which reduces maintenance and enhances the longevity of the chain and sprockets.
  • Farm King Rotary Tillers come standard with a parking jack and height adjustable skid shoes.


Series 45
Model 4572
Tillage width 69"
Overall width 78"
Tractor engine requirement 30 - 45 hp
3-point hitch Cat. I
Gearbox  Heavy-duty oil bath (540 RPM)
Chain in oil bath #80H
Rotor speed RPM  203 RPM or 865 ft/min
Sideshift 8-1/2"
PTO shaft Slip clutch
Tine size 1/4" x 2-1/4"
Number of tines / Number of flange 32/8
Number of tines per flange 4
Skid shoes Standard
Weight 688 lb