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  • Spout rotator and deflector available as manual or hydraulic
  • Designed to operate below grade as the tractor drives over the snow.
  • Standard shear bolt protection on all PTOs
  • Replaceable skid shoes and cutting edges
  • Optional rear scraper enables the blower to be backed up to a wall or garage door for better clearing


Model 740
Cutting width 74"
Cutting height 30"
Replaceable cutting edge Yes
Fan 4 Blade
Fan dimensions 23-1/4" x 7"
Drive fan 540 RPM Open Gear
Auger diameter 15"
Auger drive #50 Chain
Spout rotator
- manual (hand crank)
- hydraulic cylinder

Spout deflector
- manual (6 position)
- hydraulic cylinder

Skid shoes Adjustable and Replaceable
Hitch Category Cat. II
Hitch adjustment 2 position
Tractor requirement 40 - 70 hp
Weight 765 lb