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Discs are manufactured with 2” x 3” tubing to give the piece a sturdy foundation. The dual gangs offer 5 adjustment points. The center pivot allows the gang to be easily maneuvered into the desired angle. After the angle is selected, simply insert the pin and hairpin clip and the disc is ready for use.

The self-aligning bearings ensure each disc assembly follows the contours of the ground. Individual discs are evenly spaced 7 ½ inches apart to allow for easy soil follow through.


Various options are available on the complete line of Farm King discs. Center sweeps can be added on the back to assist in breaking up undisrupted soil in-between the middle discs. Farm King discs can come equipped with the optional scraper kit to keep discs free of clinging soil.

Disc options include notched or smooth style disc patterns. All models can come equipped with notched front and plain rear, or notched front and notched rear.


Model 605
Width 6-1/2'
Frame 2" x 3" x ¼" wall tube
Discs 20
Disc diameter 18"
Disc spacing 7-1/2"
Scraper kit Optional
Center sweep Optional
3-point hitch Cat. 1
Tractor engine requirements 25 - 50 hp
Weight 732 lb