Farm King RE14

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All three models of Easy Rake can be conveniently opened and closed using hydraulics. The two sides are independent of each other which allows the Easy Rake to operate just one side at a time.

The Farm King Easy Rake has a maximum transportation width of 8' to help get you from field to field safely. Air filled highway service tires allow the Easy Rake to tow smoothly and get you into the field faster. Transport locks ensure that your rake stays closed until you are ready to use it.

Center Wheel Rake
All models have an optional center mounted hydraulically operated wheel rake for added separation of the middle windrow.

Easy Rake models RE10 and RE12 come standard with 4 stabilization wheels and the RE14 model comes equipped with 6 wheels. These 205/70 R15 highway rated air filled tires aid in seamless transportation as well as superior traction in field applications. Wheels located on the rake wings are constructed using yoke design to ensure 360 degrees of maneuverability. Walking tandem axles are available as an option.


Model RE14
No. of rake wheels 14
Working width 27' (830 cm)
Transport width 8' (244 cm)
Transport length 30' (908 cm)
Rake wheel 60" (152 cm)
Tine size 0.3" (7.5 mm)
No. of tires 6
Windrow widths  36", 43", 51" (90 cm, 110 cm, 130 cm)
HP requirements 40 hp (30 kW)
Weight 4,320 lb (1960 kg)