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Rake Wheels
Models RS16, RS18 and RS20 come with 16, 18 and 20 rake wheels respectively. Each 60" (152 cm) wheel is individually spring loaded to prevent digging into the ground, yet continue to follow the contours of your field. Forage is gathered in a soft windrow without destroying the material maintaining a high nutritional value.

The Easy Rake Superstar can be conveniently opened and closed using hydraulics. The two sides are independent of each other which allows the Easy Rake to operate just one side at a time.

Heavy Frame
The double frame pull bar and heavy main frame come together to make one of the heaviest rakes in the industry.

Wheels & Transportation
Superstar Easy Rakes go from working as wide as 38' (11.5 m) to a convenient transport width of 9' (280 cm). Air filled highway service tires allow you to get from field to field quickly and safely. Convenient transport locks give you peace of mind on the road. Superstar models come equipped with 8 wheels (RS16) or 12 wheels (RS18 and RS20). These tires aid in seamless transportation as well as superior traction in field applications.


Model RS16
Working width 32' (970 cm)
Transport width 9.2' (280 cm)
Transport length 34' (1030 cm)
Rake wheels 60" (152 cm)
Tine size 0.3" (7.5 mm)
No. of tires 8
Windrow widths 36" to 59" (90 to 150 cm)
HP requirements 50 hp (36 kW)
Weight 5,619 lb (2549 kg)