Farm King 320

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With standard transport the machine swings to the rear; with optional transport the machine gets raised to a vertical position, making perfect use of space and weight distribution. The single acting cylinder is used to raise the mower for transport. It has an automatic lock that can be released with a rope from the tractor.

Hot forged steel round discs provide a high quality cut in all conditions, while requiring less power. The size allows further setback from the stone guards and the shape prevents shock when stones are struck. The forged steel blades are particularly resistant and do not bend or flex. They last about three times longer than standard blades in most conditions and are flexed with strong high resistance bolts.

Assembled in one module and attached to the cover with 6 bolts to maximize the strength of the support. It lets you easily inspect inside the cutter bar. Bearings with strong stress transmissibility (1.2" (30 mm) pitch) can bear the greatest shear strains and the bearings are spaced to enhance resilience. Pinion thickness is 0.7" (17 mm) and diameter of the shaft is 1.4" (35 mm).

The machines are all fitted with the "non-stop" cutter bar breakaway, which means you can continue cutting without stopping the machine with no need to reverse if an obstacle is found. It is automatically rearmed without assistance from the operator or the hydraulic system.

The heavy-duty gearbox cover has a thickness of 0.2" (5 mm) and features an integrated reinforcement. This helps prevent flexing of moving parts, especially on uneven terrain. The oil bath gearbox improves lubrication, provides faster cooling and efficient movement.

Double spring shock absorbers allow setting the best weight for the mower to maintain even pressure on the ground, always giving a clean cut without damaging the grassy surface.


Model 320
Working width 10' 8" (3.29 m)
Number of discs 8
Number of blades 16
Tractor requirements 80
Weight 1,675 lb (760 kg)