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Rolled or crimped grain is an excellent way to increase the nutritional value of grain, making it easier for animals to digest for faster weight gain per pound of intake.

Available in three sizes, Farm King Rollermills are capable of processing up to 300 bushels per hour. A manual gate regulates the flow into the Rollermill and the adjustable tensioner determines how thick the grain is rolled. Double leaf springs ensure constant and even roller pressure.

Machine-grooved rollers are available in steel or chrome and can be inexpensively re-machined up to three times if damaged or worn. An optional magnet removes nails and other metal objects from the grain and helps prevent damage to the rollers. An electric motor or PTO drives the 85 and 100. The 180 is PTO driven and can be equipped with 15" wheels to help with transport and a 12' hydraulic discharge auger that swings a full 180 degrees.


Model 100
Size 10" x 10"
Roll diameter 10"
Grooves per inch 8 (6 corn)
Roll pressure Double leaf spring
Capacity (approx.) 100 - 150 bushels/hr
Magnet Optional
Drive required (approx.) PTO or 5 - 7.5 hp electric
Discharge auger Not available
Tires Not available
Stationary stand Optional
Weight 317 lb
Scrapers Optional