Farm King Farm Utility Auger 8"

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Standard and optional features
An optional shut-off valve regulates grain flow and allows the auger to be cleaned out prior to shut down. A spider cage protects the intake flighting and belt guards are standard on all augers. A box clamp is included on 4" and 6" models for convenient clamping onto grain bins. 4" utility augers also have carrying handles.

Adjustable motor mounts
Standard adjustable motor mounts mean that Farm King utility augers can be paired with various sizes and brands of electrical motors. Auger pulleys are supplied on all sizes, with a belt and motor pulley included on the 4" models.

Tested and refined
Farm King has been building durable and reliable augers for decades. Our products are backed by manufacturing expertise and have undergone extensive research, field endurance and lab testing. We are committed to producing quality agricultural equipment that has a proven record of productivity and unequaled value.


Auger Size 8"
Auger lengths 11' / 16' / 23'
Extension lengths 5', 10'
Power (HP) 3-10
Auger tubing 14 gauge
Flighting 10 gauge