Farm King 1684

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The self-leveling hopper on the swing-away auger will remain level regardless of auger height. The unique design allows the intake hopper to be loaded on uneven terrain. Increased flexibility relieves the hopper of unnecessary down pressure on all hopper parts.

Powered by a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder (two on model 16104), the unique scissor lift undercarriage is capable of holding the auger at a 44° angle when fully extended. With the cylinders completely compressed, the auger angle changes to 5° in transport mode.

Using the auger-mounted hydraulic controls, the swing away auger can be lifted into position for transport and the hopper can be moved back and forth. This system removes most of the physical labor that was once required during grain handling.

A lighting kit, available on 16" models, provides light where it is needed most when unloading after hours. One light, located on the swing-away auger, provides light to the hopper and truck unloading area. Another light on the end of the auger tube directs light to the auger spout. The high quality, flexible spout is standard.

The scissor lift undercarriage, exclusive to Farm King BackSaver Augers, requires less hydraulic pressure to raise and lower the auger. The wide undercarriage is stable and solid while still meeting transport requirements. Once positioned, a shut-off valve on the underside of the auger tube limits the circulation of the hydraulics so the auger will maintain its height.

The optional two spool valve allows for hydraulic operation of the intake hopper winch and the hopper mover while only using two remote valves. The hydraulic controls eliminate the need to operate the winch and intake hopper by hand.


An hydraulic winch easily lifts the hopper into place for transport. The lever and hydraulic valve are mounted to the main auger tube for easy access. Standard on model 16104 and optional on 10" and 13" BackSaver models.

Each 16104 Farm King auger comes standard with a hydraulically controlled intake hopper. By simply moving the hydraulic lever, the intake hopper can be moved into precise position under hopper bottom and end dump trucks. Optional on 10" and 13" models.

The standard hydraulic hopper mover adds a powerful hydraulic motor to each of the inside wheels on the swing away hopper so the hopper can be positioned easily and with minimal effort. The control lever for the mover is mounted on the intake auger tube for easy access. Optional on 10" and 13" models.


Model 1684
Size 16" x 84'
Tubing Tubes 1 and 2: 10 gauge
Tubes 3 and 4: 11 gauge
Flighting, thickness ¼" on swing and main auger
Flighting shaft 11 gauge, 3.5" diameter
Undercarriage 5" x 5" x ¼" square tube
Lift arms ¼" formed tubing
Bridging Upper bridging - ¾" cable
Wheel and hubs 6 bolt hubs, 11 L x 15 x 8 ply
Hopper dimensions 48" x 60" 
Multi-flighting hopper height from ground 13-1/2"
Hitch weight 2,200 lb
Overall weight 11,000 lb

Tractor requirements
- Minimum PTO horsepower
(w/1000 RPM PTO)- Approximate hydraulic requirements for lift

1000 RPM/PTO

150 hp

1500 PSI