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The design has stood the test of time through the years, while continuously refined to create the best line of snowblowers in the industry. The new Propeller blade from Farm King is the culmination of that expertise and experience

What sets the Propeller Series apart is the aggressive new propeller blades on a paddle-style auger that maximizes performance in extreme conditions with heavy, packed and wet snow.

The rapid rotation of the auger with the propeller blades breaks down larger pieces of snow as it enters the machine and moves toward the fan, providing a smoother flow of snow into the fan. 

Allied Snowblowers are available in sizes ranging from 50" widths and up. (Heavy-duty widths are also available ranging from 96" to 120").


Cutting width 96"
Cutting height 36"
Replaceable cutting edge Optional
Fan 4-blade
Fan diameter 32"
Replaceable fan housing N/A
Drive fan 540 RPM oil bath gearbox
Auger diameter 15" (dual)
No. of auger paddles 20, ea.
Auger drive #60 chain
Spout rotator - manual (hand crank) - hydraulic Optional Standard
Spout deflector - manual (6 position) - hydraulic Standard Optional
Skid shoes Adjustable and replaceable
Hitch category Cat. I & II std
Cat. I & II QH
Hitch adjustment Fixed
Tractor requirement 90 - 125 hp
Weight 1243 lb