Demco Farm Side Dump Truck Boxes

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Versatile to meet the job

The Demco Truck Mount Box Kit provides side dump capabilities for many different situations. The shorter size enables access to smaller areas and tighter job sites. With the largest capacity per foot, the rounded vee dump body allows for larger loads and quicker unloading. The Side Dump Truck Boxes are fully functional side dumps that can be mounted to a tractor or a truck chassis. On standard tractors, bolt-on subframes allow for over 5th wheel mounting and multiple uses with the same frame. The FlexCorner® design and large G-rail eliminates corner cracking and is lighter and stronger than two rail systems. The dump body and materials are built with the same proven reliability as our Demco Side Dump Trailers.

  • AR450 Steel with trademarked FlexCorner® Design
  • Large single G-rail on tub - lighter and stronger than two rail systems
  • Bolt-on sub frame fits over 5th wheel
  • Integrated tub pivot points with greaseless pivot bearings
  • Tub dump direction controlled from two places on the left side -no need to walk all around the truck box to change dump direction
  • 20 second dump at 33 GPM flow
  • Tub dump direction indicators visible in truck mirrors
  • Hydraulic system: 3000 psi rated ¾” hoses, fittings, flow divider, and relief valve
  • Twin 3000 psi rated 5” X 36” cylinders
  • Standard LED lights in enclosed boxes with sealed plugs
  • Standard Colors: black, white, yellow, and burgundy (custom colors available)
  • Optional Roll Rite electric tarp
  • Truck box kits: 14’, 15’,16’,17’, 20’
  • One year warranty


Model Number Bolt on Sub-frame Dump Body Tub Capacity (Cu. Yd) Cylinder Diameter Tare Weight (lbs) Manual P/N
9CCRTB14 15' 8" 14' AR450 9.1 5" 4,700 8C000002
9CCRTB15 16' 8" 15' AR450 9.8 5" 4,800 8C000002
9CCRTB16 17' 8" 16' AR450 10.5 5" 5,020 8C000002
9CCRTB17 18' 8" 17' AR450 11.1 5" 5,140 8C000002
9CCRTB20 21' 8" 20' AR450 13.2 5" 5,475 8C000002
9CCRTB24 25' 8" 24' AR450 15.8 5" 5,922 8C000002