Demco Farm The KarKaddy SS Tow Dolly

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As the perfect solution for smaller RV parks and campgrounds with limited space, the KarKaddy SS tow dolly has all the features you'd expect from a reliable tow dolly, such as a hydraulic surge brake system for safe and controlled stopping, as well as disc brakes, yet not a single compromise -- you still get the same Demco strength and utility you'd expect from a Demco product. Chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains also come standard, as do sealed bearing hubs with a 3-year unlimited warranty and no need to ever again have to pack the bearings!

One of the most popular features of the KarKaddy SS among long-time RVers is the steerable axle. Gone are the days of having to swing out to miss a curb or get into a gas station. With Demco’s steerable axle the dolly tracks exactly behind your motorhome leaving you worry-free when in those tight spots.

When loaded, the KarKaddy SS tow dolly has less than a 100 lbs. tongue weight, which greatly improves handling and ride while attached. The KarKaddy SS can tow vehicles up to 4,800 lbs., and it has an axle capacity of 3,500 lbs. Accepting vehicles with outside tread width between 42" and 76", the KarKaddy SS comes in a galvanized finish for extra toughness on the road, and an EZLatch coupler makes latching and unlatching your load something you barely even need to think about.

For more about the KarKaddy SS tow dolly, including whether it's right for you, please contact Demco or your local distributor.


Need more space? Fold it!

  • Perfect solution for RV parks that are not deep enough to accommodate your motorhome and tow dolly.
  • Fully extended- 133 inches long.
  • Folded- 67 inches long.
  • Hydraulic surge brake system for safe and controlled stopping.
  • Includes disc brakes.
  • Chrome wheels with radial tires and dual safety chains.
  • Sealed bearing hubs with a 3-year unlimited warranty.
  • Less than 100 lbs. tongue weight when loaded, for improved ride and handling of tow vehicles.
  • Total towed vehicle weight: 4,800 lbs.
  • Axle capacity: 3,500 lbs.
  • Towed vehicle tread width: 42” minimum, 76” maximum.
  • Galvanized finish.
  • EZLatch Coupler.


Overall width 101"
Overall length unfolded 133"
Overall length folded 67"
Tires ST205/75R14 load range (C) BSW radial tire
Wheels 14" x 5.5-5" Nickel Chrome
Weight 675 lbs.
Axle capacity 3,500 lbs.
Towed vehicle tread width Min. - 42", Max. - 76"
Maximum towed vehicle body width 76"
EZLatch Coupler rating 7,500 lbs.
Total towed vehicle weight 4,800 lbs.
GVWR (unit weight plus max. carrying capacity) 3,500 lbs.

CAUTION: Read your motor vehicle owner’s manual to determine proper towing procedure. All vehicles to be towed on Demco Dollies must be towed with the front axle on the dolly. Some vehicles may be too wide in the body area to properly fit on an 8-1/2' wide dolly even though the front tire measurement is 76" or less. Always follow weight limitations when choosing a Demco Dolly. 8 1/2' wide tow dollies may be subject to width restrictions on roads in some states.