Demco Farm Air Force One Braking System

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Effective Yet Invisible

AFO uses a pilot signal from the coach’s air brake system to deliver 100%, direct proportional braking. No inertia (adjustable) system can match this braking profile, period. Just as you don’t adjust the individual braking effort of each wheel on the coach, you don’t adjust the braking effort of AFO. The towed vehicle experiences the same perfect braking symmetry as each individual brake on the coach. As such, the exhaust brake and transmission retarder have no effect on the AFO. The system is composed of three main components: the Operating Unit, the Actuator, and the Coach Air Assembly. The AFO Operating Unit mounts under the hood of the towed vehicle, completely out of sight. It houses the vacuum generator for the towed’s power assist and also the reserve air supply for the breakaway circuit. The brake actuator is compact, mounting on the brake arm of the towed vehicle and securing to the firewall with just one self-drilling screw. Once installed, the entire system is invisible and always ready for towing with no takedown.

Total Coach Protection

Total Coach Protection, an exclusive AFO attribute, is a process that separates and protects the air supply on the coach. To meet federal regulations (FMVSS 121) and chassis warranty requirements when using air brakes, the supplemental brake system must protect the towing vehicle air supply. Only Demco includes the components necessary to meet these important safety regulations. If the towed vehicle separates or the towing system fails, the coach air is protected. AFO is the safest air brake system available. No other air-operated system offers this level of safety and control. The Coach Air Assembly is pre-assembled and pre-tested for function and leaks. Its compact size (approximately 12” x 10” x 6”) and flexible mounting options make securing to the coach with two 3/8” bolts a snap. All fittings are included and are push-to-connect style DOT rated.


For nearly a decade, others have tried to copy it, but no one can match the ease of installation, durability, and functionality of Demco’s patented actuator. The proprietary design makes binding and cable hang-ups impossible as all the force is completely linear–no pulleys, just one self-drilling screw to secure the cable anchor to the firewall. Other pulley systems have six plus screws and require large, flat surfaces directly behind the brake arm to work reliably—a commodity not afforded by many late model vehicles.

Fits ALL Towed Vehicles

No need to ask if AFO is compatible with your towed vehicle. Air Force One fits all makes and models–from smallest Smart and Fiat to the largest diesel pickup and Hummer H2 and everything in between including hybrids—AFO fits them all. Each AFO system comes complete with everything necessary for the installation on every towed vehicle. When you purchase a new towed vehicle, the AFO system is simply transferred to the new car without purchasing any new parts. A low-cost reinstallation kit is available with small parts for extra convenience outfitting your new vehicle. This convenience comes only from Demco.


Things that are different are not the same.

AFO offers the latest in supplemental braking technology. AFO uses the coach's air to create a vacuum for the towed vehicle’s power-brake feature, and also uses the same air supply to proportionately apply the brakes in the towed vehicle. Since it uses the coach’s air supply, AFO does not need an electric pump. In fact, the Air Force One operating unit has no moving parts at all. The AFO operating unit is very small and fits under the hood of your towed vehicle. The brake actuator mounts on the brake arm just like the Stay-IN-Play cylinder.

In addition, AFO is the only air brake that offers and includes coach protection for the air supply in the event of a separation. With “Total Coach Protection,” the coach’s air supply is sealed off to allow the coach to stop normally. At the same time, the coach is protected, the breakaway system on the car activates the towed vehicle's brakes.

AFO also includes a coach notification light. The notification light is directly linked with the reed switch that is located on the AFO cylinder. Any time the brakes are applied in the towed vehicle, the light is on.

AFO is a revolutionary product that will apply truly proportionate brake effort in your towed vehicle. The simple install combined with vacuum-assisted power brakes and truly proportionate braking makes the AFO system second to none for a motor home with air brakes.

Combine the power brakes of the car being active with all the other great features, including no set up for towing, and you too will agree with RV’ers all over the country; AFO is the greatest new innovation for this industry.

Things that are different are not the same. AFO is truly better


Air Force One (AFO) is the only supplemental braking system that includes the necessary components to meet Total Coach Protection safety regulations. With no moving parts to wear out, your AFO will stand the test of time. It is the only air brake system that energizes the towed vehicle’s power brakes through a patented process that doesn’t require an electronic vacuum pump. It uses a pilot signal from the coach's air brake system to deliver 100% direct proportional braking. And in the event of a separation of the coach and towed vehicle, AFO is the first and only supplemental brake system that seals the coach’s air supply.

Chassis manufacturers agree that AFO is the safest and most secure way of using coach air for supplemental braking. It meets all chassis warranty requirements and the chassis brake warranty won’t be voided by chassis manufacturers.

Air Force One for Air Brake Motorhomes

Air Force One Braking System  9599007 
Air Force One with Wireless Coachlink     9599019
Air Force One Freightliner Custom Chassis Specific Towed Vehicle Kit (Coach must be factory equipped with the Freightliner Brake Sync)     9599020
Air Force One Tiffin Towed Vehicle Kit (Coach must be factory equipped with AFO)     9599021 
Air Force One, Second Car Kit     6721
Air Force One Reinstall Kit           6217

  • Proportional
  • Only air brake to meet DOT and chassis regulations
  • Fits every car and air brake motorhome
  • No pulleys, catches, or springs
  • Breakway integrated
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty