Demco Farm Rear Mount Sprayers: 300, 400 & 500 Gallon

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The Demco RMLE Series sprayers are 3 point mounted sprayers available in capacities of 300, 400, or 500 gallons. Different boom and pump options are available so that you can have this sprayer equipped to best meet your needs. Demco RMLE Series sprayers are an excellent choice to be your primary sprayer or a secondary sprayer to go with your self-propelled unit.


  • 300, 400 or 500 gallon tank with jet agitation, molded sight gauge, sump and fillwell with no-splash cover.
  • Rear mount brackets are complete with saddles, tank straps and all necessary bolts.
  • Category "2" or "3" rear mount brackets may be used with "Quick Attach" three point hookup.
  • Large, convenient platform with safety rail and ladder for easy filling of the tank.
  • Retractable, built-in ground stand for storage when empty.
  • A clean water tank is conveniently mounted on the rear mount unit.
  • Available with three section electric controls for boom spraying.


NOTE: Rear mount is unassembled. Factory setup available.
NOTE: Raven® sprayer controllers require wheel sensor or radar cable (see Components section).




Part Number Description
RMLE300P 300 Gallon Frame
RMLE400P 400 Gallon Frame
RMLE500P 500 Gallon Frame



Part Number Description
PE400RA 400 Gallon Tank
PE300RA 300 Gallon Tank
PE500RA 500 Gallon Tank



Part Number Description
C9006 540 Hypro® Gear Drive Pump 540 RPM
9425056 Hypro® hydraulic pump (C9303HM1) (hose kit included)



Part Number Description
9465059 Plumbing Kit (3 section)



Part Number Description
CP414HVR 3 section electric (solenoid valve)
9428129 3 section electric (ball valve)
9428115 *3 section electric (ball valve) with Raven® 450 sprayer controller (wheel sensor not included)
14071 Astro II GPS Speed Sensor


Boom with Plumbing

Part Number Description
9488154 45' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom 3-Point Mount
9488158 60' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom Rear Mount
9428184 TeeJet® Drip Free Plumbing (27 nozzles) for 45' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom
9428185 TeeJet® Drip Free Plumbing (37 nozzles) for 60' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom
9428186 TeeJet® Triple Drip Free (27 nozzles) for 45' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom
9428187 TeeJet® Triple Drip Free (37 nozzles) for 60' Hydraulic X-Fold Boom. Will not be available with 15" spacing



Part Number Description
9488012 Wheel Assisted Boom Tip Protectors (for X-fold booms)
9428133 Hydraulic Height Adjuster for rear mount models (24" travel)
9428002 Fence Line Spray Kit, Electric
9428003 Fence Line Spray Kit, Manual
CPTK1 Quick Refill (utilizes nurse tank transfer pump for refilling)
DBHG Handgun (includes 25' of 1/2" hose)
9428036 Foam Marker Mounting Kit
9428156 33 Gallon Foam Marker
9428068 Feeder Line Filter Kit (60 mesh)
SURML Factory setup (recommended)