Demco Farm 500 Gallon Tandem Axle Sprayers

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Demco’s 500 gallon trailer sprayer has a proven, time-tested design. Available with many different boom and pump options, as well as many accessories, Demco’s 500 gallon trailer sprayer can be configured for your application requirements.

If you need a smaller capacity field sprayer, you need to look at Demco!


  • 500 gallon polyethylene elliptical tank with two dual jet agitators, sump, baffle and 16" fliptop manway.
  • 10 gauge formed steel trailer with ground clearance of 29" and wheel spacings of 80"- 120" centers.
  • 11L x 15 8 ply tires.
  • Constant velocity PTO shaft with centrifugal pump, or hydraulic driven centrifugal pump.
  • DFB boom offers manual rear folding, auto leveling and flotation suspension. 45' and 50' booms transport at 11'. 60' boom transports at 13' 10".
  • All booms have stainless steel boom and hose clamps.


NOTE: Sprayer is less spray tips.
Factory set up is standard.
Boom may be removed for shipping.



Tank and Trailer Frame with Tires

Part Number Description
9411028-10 500 Gallon Tank and Tandem Axle Trailer (80" - 120" wheel spacing) (Red)



Part Number Description
C1700D Hypro® 5 Roller Pump
9425015 Hypro® Gear Drive Pump with Constant Velocity PTO Shaft (C9016 540)
9425026 Hypro® Belt Drive Pump with Constant Velocity PTO Shaft (C9403 540S)
9425056 Hypro® Hydraulic Pump (C9303HM1)(hoses included)
9425055 Ace Belt Drive Pump with Constant Velocity PTO shaft (PTOC600 10B150)
9425057 Ace Hydraulic Pump (FMC150HYD206) (hoses included)


Plumbing / Pump Mount

Part Number Description
9425002 Roller Pump Kit (Manual Controls included)
9425020 Hypro® Gear Drive Centrifugal Kit
9425010 Hypro®/Ace Belt Drive Centrifugal Kit
9425011 Hypro®/Ace Hydraulic Centrifugal Kit



Part Number Description
9428139 Manual Controls for Centrifugal Pumps
9428062 Solenoid Valves for Centrifugal Pumps
9428090 Motorized Ball Valves for Centrifugal Pumps
9428043 Raven® 450 Sprayer Control w/Motorized Ball Valves for Centrifugal Pumps


Manual Fold Boom without Plumbing

Part Number Description
DFB45B 45' floating boom
DFB60B 60' floating boom


Manual Fold Boom Accessories

Part Number Description
9428051 TeeJet® Drip Free (27 Nozzles) for 45' Manual Fold Boom
9428053 TeeJet® Drip Free (37 Nozzles) for 60' Manual Fold Boom
DFBTP Wheel Assisted Boom Tip Protectors
9428009 Hydraulic Height Adjuster (24" travel)
DFHY Hydraulic Boom Leveling (for manual fold booms)



Part Number Description
CRATE1 LTL freight shipments require crating
DFS55HP 55 Gallon Water Tank and Mountings for Flushing the Sprayer Tank
9428156 33 Gallon Foam Marker
9428165 9428165a
9428002 Fence Line Spray Kit, Electric
9428003 Fence Line Spray Kit, Manual
9428068 Feeder Line Filter Kit (60 mesh)
DBHG Handgun (includes 25' of 1/2" hose)