For Over 50 Years, Demco has used the phrase “Doing our Best to Provide You the Best” to describe its commitment to customers  suppliers, co-workers and management in the ongoing quest for excellence. It all started when Robert Dethmers started his manufacturing company in a corner of an implement dealership with his first product being a fertilizer application. Since then Demco has pursued the desire to provide solutions, fill the needs for better crop production, and compete in the existing farm market. From Agriculture to Towing to Brake manufacturing, Demco has earned its place with the right combination of skill and technology needed to produce the best products available without compromise. Their vision isn't only to enter and sustain, but to flourish in today's new, ever-changing global marketplace.

  • demco graincarts 2017

    Grain Carts and Wagons

    At Demco we strive to provide grain carts and wagons that are built with high quality and strength to perform in harvest operations. We understand the importance of keeping harvest rolling. We also provide operator friendly features to help make our products more convenient to operate.

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  • demco harvestlink 2017

    Harvest Link

    Today’s fast paced harvest operations demand innovation and efficiency. The Harvest Link is the “link” to allow you to better utilize the harvest equipment you’ve invested in and can provide significant reduction of compaction in your fields. Click here to learn what the Harvest Link can do for you, including our Harvest Link Calculator and video showing this machine in action.

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  • demco booms 2017

    Booms and Sprayers

    Demco is proud to be an industry leader with the extensive line of sprayers and sprayer booms that we offer. In addition to many sizes and styles of sprayer booms, we also offer pull-type Field Sprayers, Three Point Mount Sprayers, and Lawn & Garden Sprayers. Click here to learn more about all we have to offer for your farm operation!

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  • demco fertequil 2017

    Fertilizer Equipment

    Demco’s experience and expertise in application equipment goes all the way back to the very beginning of our company over 50 years ago. Over the years we have grown our fertilizer application products to include Piston Pumps, Three Point Mount Fertilizer Toolbars, and pull-type Liquid Fertilizer Applicators. Don’t forget that our SideQuest saddle tanks and other style saddle tanks are the best way to carry your liquid fertilizer while planting and while side-dressing with a three point toolbar.

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  • demco tractortanks 2017

    Tractor Mounted Tanks

    All of Demcos Tractor Mounted Tanks are high quality & unique product designed to help improve efficiency and effectiveness in our fields.

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  • demco maurertipups 2017

    Maurer Extensions and Tip Ups

    Maurer combine grain tank extensions and tip-ups are the best in the industry. Our high quality products will not only add to your combine’s capacity, but also look great on the combine. Click here to see our extensive product offering.

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  • demco maurertrans 2017

    Maurer Head Transports

    With many models of head transports to safely haul your combine heads, Maurer is the right choice. Our head transport lineup includes many models of high speed, All Wheel Steer, and Heavy Duty Transports. Our focus is on providing quality, strength, and performance to help your harvest efficiency, safety, and to protect the investment in your combine heads.

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  • demco augersext 2017

    Augers and Extenders

    As a leading provider of harvesting equipment, we also provide Bin Fill Augers for combine tanks, Extenders for combine unload augers, and more.

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  • demco tiltbed 2017

    Tilt Bed & Utility

    By Maurer. The Maurer brand name is synonymous with quality and performance in the trailer and agriculture industries. We understand that your equipment needs to perform every day and that breakdowns are not an option.

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  • demco sidedump 2017

    Side Dump

    Innovative design is one of the hallmarks of the Circle R success within the side dump marketplace. Many of these features are exclusive to Circle R Side Dump Trailers.

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  • demco gondolascrap 2017

    Gondola Scrap Trailers

    Diversification is often a necessity in today’s competitive business climate. With Maurer Manufacturing we have grown from an Agricultural based company to the introduction of our Scrap Recycling product category.

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  • demco graintrailers 2017

    Grain Trailers

    This trailer was designed by farmers for the transportation of grain from the field to the farm or from the farm to your market.

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  • demco steeldropdeck 2017

    Steel Dropdeck

    Maurer drop deck trailers offer a multitude of hauling solutions that our customers demand.

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  • demco steelend 2017

    Steel End Dump Trailers

    Maurer Frameless Steel End Dump is Designed for the Scrap/Demolition Industry. We accept no substitutes. The “Hardox in My Body” sign on a Maurer trailer is your guarantee of genuine Hardox wear plate.

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RV Towing
  • demco towdollies 2017

    Tow Dollies

    When people talk about towing their vehicle with a tow dolly, they commonly use the word Kar Kaddy to describe this versatile piece of equipment.

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  • demco towbars 2017

    Tow Bars

    The Victory Series tow bars from Demco will revolutionize the RV Lifestyle and Experience.

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  • demco towedconn 2017

    Towed Connectors

    The Industry’s Best Direct Plug-in Electrical Hookup for your Towed Vehicle.

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  • demco baseplates 2017


    Easy-two attaching pins with quick pins and two safety cables with safety hook retainers.

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  • demco 5thwheel 2017

    5th Wheel Hitches

    Whether you need an economical choice like the SL Series or the peace of mind that the Hijacker Autoslide provides, we have all of your 5th wheel towing needs covered.

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  • demco framebracket 2017

    Frame Bracket Kits

    Demco Hijacker frame brackets are engineered to fit all major makes and models of trucks.

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  • demco glideride 2017

    Glide Ride

    The Glide Ride pin box takes the jack-hammer out of a rough road and transforms it into a ride as smooth as silk.

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Trailer Components
  • demco brakeact 2017

    Brake Actuators

    Demco offers the widest selection of hydraulic brake actuators available today.

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  • demco hydraulicbrake 2017

    Hydraulic Brakes

    10" Hydraulic Brake Assembles, 12" Hydraulic Brake Assemblies, 13" Hydraulic Brake Assemblies

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  • demco brakedrums 2017

    Brake Drums For Brake Assemblies

    10", 12", 13" Brake Drums

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  • demco couplers 2017


    2" Ball Coupler, 2 5/16" Ball Coupler, Clevis and more

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  • demco tongues 2017


    Agriculture tongues, Industrial tongues

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  • demco brakelines 2017

    Brake Lines

    Brake Line Kits, Brake Line Components

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  • demco access 2017


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