Case IH Farmall 110N

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Farmall N Platform

The platform on both Farmall N Cab and Non-Cab models is ISO mounted to reduce noise and vibration. Features include:

  • An ergonomic operator environment for long days in the seat
  • A tilt and telescoping steering column for optimal positioning and fatigue-fighting operation
  • A digital instrument cluster that monitors PTO and ground speed for accurate spraying and dusting operations



Farmall N Non-Cab Models Feature:

  • An adjustable vinyl seat with operator's-presence sensor and retractable seat belts
  • A foldable mid-mounted roll bar that lets you maneuver under low-hanging vines



Farmall N Cab Models Feature:

  • Heating and air conditioning to keep you comfortable
  • Two external air filters that remove allergens and dust and provide a continuous supply of fresh air
  • Tinted glass for superior visibility
  • A deluxe cloth seat with operator’s-presence sensor and retractable seat belt for your safety
  • Two wide doors for easy access from either side
  • Front and rear windows that open fully
  • A rear cab access panel and separate access point to route harnesses or cables


Engine and Axle Options

Engine Options

All Farmall® N Series tractors are powered by a 4-cylinder Tier 4A-compliant diesel engine that's clean burning, fuel efficient and features:

  • 3.4 L (207 cu. ln.)
  • 19 gal (72 L) fuel capacity 


Axle Options

The Farmall 80N is available with 2WD or MFD axles. The Farmall 100N and 110N are MFD only

  • A 55-degree turn angle on both the MFD and 2WD axles provides maximum maneuverability in tight spaces
  • The standard differntial lock on rear axles provides added traction in slippery, tough conditions
  • Up to 11 degree axle oscillation provides smooth travel over rough terrain.​​



Transmission Options

Case IH offers two transmission options on the Farmall N Series tractors. Both transmissions provide:

  • More convenience and speeds than found on a typical utility tractor
  • Extra-slow speeds, including three gears below 1 mph (1.6 kph) for precise movement in tight quarters
  • Optional hydraulically engaged wet clutch for smoother performance
  • Digital ground-speed display ideal for spraying, fertilizing and planting

16 X 16 Standard Transmission

Standard 16x16 transmission with mechanical shuttle provides:

  • Four speeds in each of four ranges
  • The ability to shift from forward to reverse in any gear with a synchronized mechanical shuttle lever
  • A shuttle lever located on the left, freeing your right hand for other controls
  • A top speed of 17 mph (30 kph), depending on tires
  • An independent parking brake

32 X 16 Power Shuttle

Optional 32x16 Power Shuttle Transmission

  • Eliminates the need to clutch
  • Ideal for loader-intensive applications
  • Wet clutch pack helps extend the Power Shuttle life
  • The Power Shuttle control is located on the left side of the tilt/telescoping steering column, leaving your right hand free to work implement controls


  • Gross Horsepower: 106 (79 kW)
  • PTO Horsepower: 92 (68 kW)
  • Operator Area: Cab or ROPS
  • Traction: MFD
  • Transmission: 16 X 16 Mechanical or Power Shuttle or 32 X 16 Power Shuttle
  • Minimum Width 53.4 (1.3 m)