Case IH VT-Flex™ Vertical Tillage Tool

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Exceptional Efficiency

  • Cover more acres with 6 to 9 mph ground speeds while maintaining an agronomic field finish.
  • Single-point hydraulic depth control offers quick and easy adjustments in a variety of fields and conditions.
  • Front t-hitch design allows for tight, efficient turning when space is at a premium.​
  • Narrow transport height and width enable operators to get from field to field faster and with ease.


VT-Flex™ 435 Highlights

Simple Adjustments and Agronomic Design™

  • Gang angles are mechanically or hydraulically adjustable (hydraulic adjustment is optional on 15- to 25-ft. models) ̶ from 0 to 12 degrees ̶ to match your desired field finish and deliver dual-season capabilities. 
  • 20-in. shallow-concavity fluted blades with 7.5-in. spacing help cut residue at shallow gang angles, cutting and mixing residue with soil for faster breakdown. 
  • Match your field preparation needs with 1- to 4-in. depth capabilities. 
  • TigerPaw™ Crumbler<sup>®</sup> is designed to produce uniform clod sizing and residue distribution for optimal field finish. 
  • Standard walking tandem design on the main frame and wing frame supports a smooth ride and reduces compaction. 
  • Choose from either mechanical or hydraulic fore/aft leveling for a smooth and even finish.

Built Tough

  • 20-in. Earth Metal® VT wave blades are designed to stand up to the toughest conditions — while flat, crimped centers on blades allow for exceptional strength. 
  • Rugged cast-iron nodular spools and large arbor bolts provide strength, durability and weight where it’s needed.
  • Greaseless bushings in all rockshaft pivots, wing fold pivots and heavy-duty roller bearings in Crumblers help reduce maintenance.


  • Working Widths: 11 ft. – 25 ft. 
  • Transport Width: 13 ft. 7 in. 
  • Blade Type: Earth Metal® VT wave blades 
  • Blade Size: 20 in. (50.8 cm) 
  • Blade Spacing: 7.5 in. (191 mm)
  • Power: 80-275 HP 
  • Hydraulics: Up to 4 remotes