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The HDX3R Grabs Every Stalk

  • Points float over ground contours
  • Skid shoes are adjustable to eliminate bulldozing
  • Gathers cornstalks planted on 28 to 32 in (711 to 813 mm) row spacing
  • Gathering chains reach forward to grasp cornstalks and feed smoothly into feedrolls
  • Cutting discs shear corn close to the ground
  • Discs are spring loaded
  • Allows discs to move out of the way when an obstacle is encountered
  • Right- and left-hand power dividers ensure heavy crop flows into feedrolls 


​Quick Specs

Windrow Pickups: 28 and 32 in (1.9 and 2.3 ft) 
Cutterhead: 12-Knife
PTO Required: 180 hp (134.2 kw)