Case IH FA 1030 Air Boom Applicator

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FA 1030 Air Boom Highlights

Efficient & Accurate

  • Up to 1,200 lbs./ac. total product application capability at 10 mph provides the ability to put on the amount of product you need and cover acres quickly and efficiently
  • Rear-mounted 72-ft. stainless steel boom is designed to cover more ground and is equipped with 32 factory-tuned deflector plates, so each distribute an equal amount of product
  • Case IH Viper 4+ controller provides a simple user interface, functioning as either a stand-alone rate controller or an integral part of guidance and mapping systems


Reliable Product Delivery System

  • Variable rate capable product application system and left/right boom section control is powered by dual, independently driven 304 stainless steel mesh chain conveyors — one for each side of the applicator
  • Hydraulically driven fan provides efficient and consistent air flow
  • PWM-controlled hydraulic valves for conveyor chains and metering wheels provide quick response times when rate changes are commanded
  • Stainless steel bin screens improve application consistency by filtering clumps



  • Match your application needs​ with a range of bin options, including:
    • Single-bin configuration
    • Single with micro-bin configuration
    • Double-bin configuration
    • Triple-bin configuration
  • Optional micro-bin is perfect for granular fertilizer, granular chemicals or even cover crop seeding and is capable of variable rate product control
  • Adjustable divider on multiproduct hoppers allows operator to easily change from a 50/50 to a 60/40 split, with no tools required
    • If the micro-bin is used for a third product, then either 50/37/13 or 60/27/13 splits can be selected


Quick Specs:

  • Total struck capacity: 320 - 350 cu. ft. (9.0 - 9.9 cu. m.) (Options dependent on boom size)
  • Micro-bin: 35 - 55 cu. ft. (1.0 - 1.6 cu. m.) (Options dependent on boom size and bin selection)
  • Boom Widths: 72- or 90-ft stainless steel boom options