Bourgault Farm 4100 WTP 48-52

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Excellent Contouring Characteristics
The individual coils pivot from side-to-side so that they follow the terrain precisely and clear small to medium obstacles without lifting the entire packer off of the ground.

Smart, time saving features and options!
The Model 4100 WTP offers well designed features that save time in the field.

  • The hydraulic system is designed so that only one set of remote outlets is required to put the unit into transport.
  • Heavy-duty pillow block bearings are shielded from rock damage to ensure trouble-free service.
  • Tow with Ease - Generally, ½ to ⅝ h.p. per foot is all that is required to tow the unit on level land.


MODELS 4100 WTP 48-52
No. of Sections 5-plex
Available Widths 48' (14.6m) | 50' (15.2m) | 52' (15.9m)
Basic Weight 1-3/4" (44mm) Coils 10,220 lbs (4,630 kg)
Transport/Operating Length 24' (7.3 m)
Frame  4" (101 mm) hollow structural box tubing
Packer Coils 1-3/4" (44 mm) 
Packer Coil Gang Widths 3' (0.9m), 4' (1.2m), 5' (1.5m) 
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure Req. 1900 psi (13,100 kPa)
Tires, Main Frame 11L x 15L D- 8 ply R.I. (4)
Tires, Inner Wing 9.5L x 15 8-ply (2)
Tires, Outer Wing 9.5L x 15 8-ply (2)
Transport Width 19' 5" (5.92 m)
Transport Height - at max.size 13' 2" (4.01 m)
Track Eliminators Optional
Hitch Extension Kit Optional