Bourgault Farm 8910-48

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The 8910 Cultivator has gained a reputation for uniform penetration and consistent seed placement, even in tough soils.

  • Available on 8", 10" or 12" spacing;
  • Models range from 30' to 70' working widths;
  • Variety of mounted harrow & packer options are available.


The Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly is designed for a wide operational rangeThe Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly is designed for a wide operational range.

  • Choose between the 330 lb or 450 LB HD trip options.


Simple & Reliable
Bourgault incorporates a superior dependable hydraulic design, a high quality depth control system, along with quality hydraulic components for accurate and consistent depth control and long service life.

Options to Meet Your Specific Requirements

  • Titan™ Quik Detach Arms for quick and easy attachment or interchange of mounted harrows and packers.
  • Mounted Tine Harrows to achieve a uniform field finish.
  • Mounted Packers help provide excellent seedbed results.
  • Side Draft Eliminators prevent skewing when tilling on side slopes.
  • Mud Scrapers clean off the tires and maintain a consistent working depth in wet conditions.
  • Equip with a Rear Tow Hitch to work with a Bourgault air cart or fertilizer cart.


Configure the 8910 for One-Pass Seeding
Configure the 8910 for direct seeding by incorporating the Bourgault Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Application System and Heavy-Duty Mounted Packers.

Excellent results are achieved by maintaining existing soil moisture, ensuring optimal seed and fertilizer placement and spending less hours in the field.

Note: 8910s are compatible with 8000 Series Air Carts only.

Minimized Contouring Depth
The ability to follow field contours is related to frame depth and wheel position. Bourgault ensures that the front caster wheels are positioned very close to the front row and that the walking axle is centered in the frame. This attention to design means that Bourgault tillage units maintain a more even operational depth through the peaks and valleys.



  • Available on 8", 10" or 12" spacing.
  • Shanks are spaced at a minimum of 32", 40" or 36" respectively between shanks on the same row.
  • Provides a distance of 25" between each of the 5 rows. Expand to access detailed product specifications.



MODEL 8910-48
No. of Sections 5
No. of Rows 5
Working Widths  
8'' Spacing 48'0", 52'0"
10" Spacing 50'0"
12" Spacing 48'0", 52'0"
Frame Width  
Main Frame 15'6"
Inner Wing 8'8"
Outer Wing 7'10"
Width (trans.) 25'1"
Height (max trans.) 14'4"
Weight (lb)  
8" Spacing 18,900
10" Spacing 17,900
12" Spacing 17,000
Main Frame 12.5Lx15FI (4)
Inner Wing 11Lx15FI (4)
Outer Wing 11Lx15FI (4)
Main Frame Casters 11Lx15FI (2)
Inner Wing Casters 11Lx15FI (2)
Outer Wing Casters 11Lx15FI (2)

All weights and dimensions are estimates and are subject to change.
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate/current at the time of production.

Note: Model 8910s with air kits are compatible with 8000 Series Air Carts only.


  • Choose between 350 lb and 450 lb HD spring trips.
  • "Quick-Shift" Depth Control.
  • Offset walking tandem axles under all frames.


Wheel System Offset walking tandem axles under all frames
Wheel Standard Walking axles & casters - triple-lip seals on 5,000 lb hubs
  48'-70' Main Frame Walking Axles - triple-lip seals on 6,000 lb hubs
Packer Options Optional poly-gang style, or poly-independent mounted packer wheels, or heavy-duty gang style (10" spacing only)
Mud Scrapers Optional fixed or spring-loaded style
Openers Quick-Change and Speed-Loc Adapters are optional
Air Kits Single-Shoot, Double-Shoot & Granular Air Kits are available
Blockage Monitors Optical Blockage Monitors available for secondary or tertiary lines
The Mounted Harrows Optional 3 or 4 bar harrows.
Frame to Ground 27"
Obstacle 11"
Row to Row Spacing 25" min.
Row Shank Spacing
8" Spacing 32" min.
10" Spacing 40" min.
12" Spacing 36" min.
Contour Depth 7'2" between the caster wheels and the walking axle pivot
Depth Control Hydraulic series rephasing cylinders, "Quick-Shift" Depth Control, Variable Depth/ Precision Control Valve
Mid Row Banders® Optional with NH3, dry or liquid fertilizer tubes (not available on 70' units or 12" spaced units)