Bourgault Farm GC1200

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Expect Trouble-Free Operation Through Harvest

The combination of high flotation running gear, low hitch load and a strong truss frame allows you to keep the grain moving and combines threshing, even in tough field conditions!

The eight wheel undercarriage provides a smooth ride and reduces stress on the tractor hitch and unit.

Field-Proven Design for Harvest
One of the stand-out features of the 1200 Grain Cart is the turret auger design which makes unloading into a grain truck a breeze!

Other enhancements include:

  • abrasion resistant flighting;
  • a unique belt drive system;
  • a quality drive line; and,
  • complete clean-out.


Maximize the Productivity of Your Harvesting Equipment

Unique features ensure that your investment in a Bourgault 1200 Grain Cart increase both efficiency and capacity in the widest range of harvesting conditions.

Standing Apart From the Competition
No other grain cart provides the same features as the Bourgault Model 1200. Easy, on-the-go harvester unloading, see through mesh windows and well positioned working lights make the 1200 Grain Cart a popular member of the threshing crew.

Upgrade Your Harvest Workhorse

A number of options are available to upgrade the 1200 Grain Cart including tarp covers, lug tires and weigh scales.



Model GC1200
Tank Capacity 1,200 bu
Max Content Capacity 82,000 lb
Cart Weight, Empty 15,300 lb
Est. Loaded Tongue 3,200 lb
Auger Size 18"
Hitch Type Single
Min. Tractor H.P. 200 hp
Tire Options 21.5L x 16.1 14-Ply Rib Imp.
21.5L x 16.1 14-Ply Lug
Roll Over Tarp optional
Loadcell Scales optional
Unloading Rate, PTO 350 bu/min @ 800 PTO rpm

GC12000PTO Options

P.T.O. Options

There are four P.T.O. shaft options with the 1200 Grain Cart:

  1. Standard PTO Shaft, 1.75" x 20 Spline - Working range if from 30" to 47" long. This shaft works in most cases.
  2. Extended PTO Shaft, 1.75" x 20 Spline - Working range is from 32.5" to 52" long. This option is required in uneven terrain (extreme hills) and with certain tractor models. The tractors affected (ex. CaseIH STX QuadTrac) have a larger distance than average between the pto output shaft and the drawbar pin. This effectively puts the grain cart further away from the tractor.
  3. PTO Drive, 38 mm x 8 Spline
  4. PTO Drive, 1.75" x 6 Spline