Bourgault Farm 5810

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Spend less time in the yard and more time in the field.

You need a seed drill that you can count on, and the 5810 is that drill. The 5810 Air Hoe Drill will stand up to the season's demands with minimal service requirements and is backed by Bourgault's 5-Year Limited Warranty.

Bourgault 5 Year Limited Warranty
Drill weight and working force is transferred efficiently to ensure consistent soil penetration throughout the width of the drill, even in hard soil conditions.


330 lb & 450 lb HD trip options
The Bourgault Spring Trip Assembly features a 1" diameter grade 8 pivot bolt and an extremely durable greaseless nylon bushing. The simple and durable design provides years of service with low maintenance.
Not only are Bourgault spring trip assemblies more durable than the competition, you will appreciate the low cost of parts when maintenance is required.

Reliable Frame Setting & Seed Depth Control

Seed placement is essential in getting your crop off to a healthy, even start. The 5810 AHD will ensure that you can achieve and maintain the desired seed placement.

Simple & Reliable
Bourgault incorporates a superior dependable hydraulic design, a high quality depth control system, along with quality hydraulic components for accurate and consistent depth control and long service life.

For Safe & Convenient Travel

The 5810 AHD features a very compact folding system to make transporting through smaller passages easy. In transport position, the packer gangs can be retracted to increase clearance between the ground and packer wheels and reduce the overall transport width.

Configure the 5810 AHD For Your Specific Needs

The 5810 AHD can be equipped with a wide variety of opener options to suit your seeding requirements.

Bourgault equips the 5810 AHD with larger tires that stand up to field and transport requirements.

Excellent Land Following Capability The 5810 AHD delivers a very shallow contouring depth to follow field topography.

Minimal Distance Between Packers and Casters The packer wheels are mounted closely behind the rear trips and the front caster wheels are positioned within the first row of the air hoe drill’s frame.

Optimal Placement in One-Pass Seeding

The Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Application system provides optimal placement of nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer. MRBs® maximize the benefits and reduce the risk of one-pass fertilizer placement, while establishing a high quality seedbed.


The 5810 AHD maintains proven features from past designs, while incorporating new innovations; Bourgault offers the most advanced and effective air hoe drill on the market.

MODEL 5810-32 5810-42 5810-52 5810-62 5810-72
No. of Sections 3 3 5 5 5 op./7 trans
No. of Rows w/o MRB® 4 4 4 4 5
w/ MRB® 3 3 3 3 4
Working Widths
9.8" Spacing 32'8" 42'6" 52'3" 62'1" 71'10"
12.6" Spacing 33'7" 42' 54'7" 63'0" 73'6"
Transport Widths (at top) 22'3" 22'3" 23'8" 24' 23'5"
Transport Height (max) 12'8" 17'6" 16'1" 17'11" 18'11"
Weight (lb) estimates only -
9.8" Spacing w/ MRB® 25,000 28,250 36,000 40,500 48,800
9.8" Spacing w/o MRB® 22,500 25,000 32,000 35,700 43,300
12.6" Spacing w/ MRB® 23,600 26,000 33,750 38,150 45,200
12.6" Spacing w/o MRB® 21,600 23,500 30,500 34,400 40,600
Tires Mainframe Casters 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 16.5L x 16.1FI
Inner Wing Casters (double-walking) 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI
Inner Wing Casters (double) 11L x 15FI 11L x 15FI 11L x 15FI 11L x 15FI N/A
Outer Wing Casters (double-walking) N/A N/A 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI
Outer Wing Casters (double) N/A N/A 11L x 15FI 11L x 15FI N/A
Rear Transport Wheels 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI

* All weights & transport dimensions are estimates & are subject to change.
Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate/current.

The 5810 Air Hoe Drill is a conventional floating hitch drill with a wide range of packer options, excellent flotation, single-point depth control and a proven spring trip design.

Spring Trip 330 lb Spring Trip / 450 lb HD Spring Trip
Row-to-Row Spacing 24½"
Frame Depth 77½" for 5810-42, -52, -62 / 102" for 5810-72
Caster to Packer Depth 159" at 1" working depth / 188" for 5810-72
Obstacle Clearance, In-Field Trips ~10" / MRB®, MRS™ ~8" with mid rows lowered
Obstacle Clearance, In Trans. Trips ~12" / MRB®, MRS™ ~22½" with mid rows raised
Shank Spacing 9.8" & 12.6"
Packer Options Steel - 2¼", 3½", 4½" / Rubber - 3", 4" / Pneumatic - 5½"
Mud Scrapers Optional for steel wheels
Stone Kickers Standard
Hydraulic System Master/slave depth cylinders, single-point depth adjustment
Openers Quick-Change adapters standard
Air Kits Single-point & double-shoot air kits available
Blockage Monitors Blockage monitors available for secondary or tertiary air lines
Safety Chain and Lights Standard
Transport Locks Standard
Mid Row Banders® Optional MRB

* All weights & transport dimensions are estimates & are subject to change.Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate/current.

Recommended Flow Requirements
Hydraulic flow requirements are highest when turning on the headlands. The recommended flow allows the seeding system to be raised and lowered within two headlands. It should be noted that the recommended fan requirements are for the maximum operational speed (RPM) of the fan.

Minimum Flow Requirements

  • Recommended hydraulic flow should provide minimal fan slowdown during headland turns. The openers will take hydraulic flow priority over the fans.
  • If operating at minimum flow requirements, the air seeder fans will drop a minimum of 20% during headland turns. This may require a 3rd headland to allow the openers time to raise and lower.
  • In typical operating conditions one or both fans are operating at less than maximum output levels, which will reduce hydraulic requirements.


Flow Requirements MIN. GPM REC. GPM
10" spacing with MRB® 20 25
10" spacing w/o MRB® 15 22
12" spacing with MRB® 22 25
12" spacing w/o MRB® 13 18

Coupler Requirements

  • A ½" coupler is only rated for flow rates of 12 gpm. As flow increases beyond this value, a large pressure drop is created across the couplers which in turn increases pressure requirements. The durability of the ½" couplers can also be compromised when operating at high flow rates.
  • It is recommended to use ¾" couplers on the tractor and implement, as this will greatly reduce the pressure drops and will increase the flow of oil to the fan or opener cylinders.
  • Some tractors are equipped with more than one hydraulic pump which can be set up to operate independent of each other in a "twin flow" style. This configuration opens up the option of arranging so that the air seeder fans draw off one pump and the PHD drill can draw off of the the second. Configured this way, there is no chance of fan speed drop off due to headland opener cycling.


Air Cart - Hydraulic Requirements

  • Hydraulic Requirements - Air Cart Fan Options.
  • Hydraulic Requirements - 8000 & 9000 Series Metering Augers.