Bourgault was started by Frank Bourgault, a farmer, innovator, and community leader who had a natural talent in working with machines, and even built the first gas-engine powered snow toboggan long before snowmobiles were developed. In 1969, Frank Bourgault was a partner in the Massey Ferguson farm implement dealership and earned the reputation as a highly skilled mechanic. Between 1969 to 1973 frank developed the first cultivator with the help of his sons, partners and local farmers and the first prototype model, a 16 foot unit, was built for $1,300. The following years brought more production of larger units built and sold in his local community. December 1974 also marked the year that Bourgault (F.P. Bourgault Industries Ltd.) manufacturing facility was established.

Today, Bourgault's mission is to design, manufacture and distribute the highest quality, most durable and reliable farm equipment in the world, that is affordable and meets or exceeds the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Air Seeders
  • bourgault 7000series 2017

    7000 Series Air Seeders

    No other air seeder manufacturer can offer the range of sizes, features, and convenience available from Bourgault. Regardless of your operational needs, there is a Bourgault Air Seeder that will work for you.

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  • bourgault 6000series 2017

    6000 Series Air Seeders

    Bourgault undoubtedly offers the best line of Air Seeders in todays market. This is evident when you speak to current 6000 Series owners. They will tell you about compartment flexibility, simple and accurate metering, and other features that are both convenient and time saving.

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Air Drills
  • bourgault 3320para 2017

    3320 Paralink Hoe Drills

    Bourgault recognizes that farmer’s requirements vary greatly by region, crop selections, and agronomic practices. This is why Bourgault offers the Series 3320 Paralink™ Hoe Drill in three different configurations: the 3320 SE, the 3320 QDA, and 3320 XTC.

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  • bourgault 3420para 2017

    3420 Paralink Hoe Drill

    Available in both 80' (New for 2017) and 100' working widths, the 3420 PHDTM employs the proven 3320 PHD design with the added technology of the revolutionary TransFoldTM folding system (guided by the X30 Apollo system) which allows you to span up to 100' on the 3420-100 in field position and transform into an equally impressive 18'3" transport width!

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  • bourgault 3720ind 2017

    3720 Independent Coulter Drill

    Bourgault sets the standard in today’s marketplace with the two-row Bourgault 3720 Independent Coulter Drill. Available from 30 to 70 foot working widths, and row spacing options of 7½, 10 and 12 inches, farmers now can configure a system to achieve unprecedented seeding efficiency for their operation.

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  • bourgault 5810air 2017

    5810 Air Hoe Drill

    The 5810 AHD maintains proven features from past designs, while incorporating new innovations; Bourgault offers the most advanced and effective air hoe drill on the market.

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  • bourgault 8910float 2017

    8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator

    The 8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator is one of the most versatile farming implements available. No other implement can be set up for tillage, then reconfigured into an effective seeding system.

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  • bourgault 9500float 2017

    9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow

    The 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow is the ultimate in durability and flexibility allowing you the capability to till or seed! The 9500 Floating Hitch Chisel Plow supplements the current 9400 series by offering a newly designed tillage unit in 56, 60, 66 and 70 foot working widths.

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  • bourgault sps360 2017

    SPS 360 Soil Prep System

    The all new SPS 360 Soil Prep System conquers extreme, messy field conditions preparing your field to seed-ready in a single-pass.* Years of seasonally wet seeding conditions have spawned an excess of soil engaging equipment each with one or two capabilities in field preparation.

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MRB & MRS Fertilizer Applicators
  • bourgault MRB3fert 2017

    MRB III Fertilizer Application System

    The Mid Row Bander fertilizer application system provides optimal placement of nitrogen and sulphur fertilizer. MRBs® maximize the benefits and reduce the risk of one-pass fertilizer placement, while establishing a high quality seedbed.

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  • bourgault MRS3fert 2017

    MRS III Fertilizer Application System

    The Mid Row Shank III fertilizer application system provides a viable option for producers that want to achieve optimal fertilizer placement with a simplified design.

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  • bourgault series25MRB 2017

    Series 25 MRB II Fertilizer Application System

    Mid Row Banders minimize the risk of fertilizer damage to your seed by placing the crop’s nitrogen fertilizer requirements between every other seed row eliminating the risk of fertilizer toxicity and salt effect, and eliminate seedbed quality issues such as soil lumping and excessive soil disturbance resulting in premature seedbed dry-down.

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Harrows & Packers
  • bourgault 4100wing 2017

    4100 Wing Type Packers

    The Bourgault Model 4100 Wing Type Packer is an excellent tool for farmers who wish to incorporate mechanical weed kill and general tillage into a one-pass seeding operation.

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  • bourgault 7200heavy 2017

    7200 Heavy Harrow

    The Bourgault 7200 Heavy Harrow is your best option for management of heavy field residue. You have the option to set for aggressive action on the field, and adjust on-the-go as required.

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  • bourgault XR770XR750 2017

    XR770 & XR750 Harrows

    The capability of the Bourgault XR770 & XR750 eXtended Range harrows eXtend beyond current harrows on the market, incorporating user-friendly features to achieve consistent results with less hassle.

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Fertilizer Application Systems
  • bourgault conebottom 2017

    Cone Bottom Liquid Fertilizer Cart

    The CB LFC Series incorporates a sloped bottom design on each tank to ensure complete drainage on every application.

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Grain Carts
  • bourgault 1200grain 2017

    1200 Grain Cart

    A combine, regardless of it's color is not very productive if it is sitting in the field waiting to unload. The unique features of the Bourgault 1200 Grain Cart will increase both efficiency and capacity of your current harvesting equipment in the widest range of harvesting conditions.

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