Precision Farming

What are your precision farming needs?
Precision Farming Specialists

We have been providing agriculture GPS for Washington, Oregon and Idaho since 1998.

With the ever-changing technology of precision farming, choosing the correct solution for your precision farming needs, becomes increasingly difficult.

  • GPS guidance
  • flow and application control
  • level of accuracy
  • increased productivity
  • ease of operation

No matter the color of your equipment, from the largest to the smallest of needs, we have two full time salesman who can give you the information you need to outfit your farm. We also have five qualified trimble agricultural specialists on staff to help you with any service-related items that you may have.

Steve Braun
(509) 988-0462
Office: (509) 659-0269
Fax: (509) 659-0446

Jason Emerson
(509) 681-0466


Robb Soliday
 (509) 988-7018